Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces: THIS is why each zodiac sign will BLOCK you out

Each zodiac sign has its own ticking points and here are all the reasons why they’ll block you out. Find out
Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces: THIS is why each zodiac sign will BLOCK you out
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Everyone has a particular pet peeve. Now, this can be in regards to things around them or worse - people. Everyone has a particular ticking point after which they will not hesitate to block you out. While this is the case with everyone, according to astrology, these could be the reasons behind each zodiac sign blocking you out. 


Every Aries knows that they have suffered a lot in their life. They like people who contribute to their mental being. So, if they find that your actions and words are hurting them in any way, they will not hesitate to block you out. All that an Aries wants is mental peace and can you blame them for that?


Taureans have a very low tolerance when it comes to people. They do not like indecisive being and if they find out that you are toxic for them, they will block you out. They already have a lot on their plate and have zero tolerance for your bullshit.


Just like their twin signs, they are always caught up between whether to block you out or blow up at you. They have very intolerant to bullsh*t, which is why if you are in, you’re all in but if they don’t like you, you should stay at a 10-metre distance from them at all times. 


Cancerians are very emotional. They tend to take other people’s drama as their own which is why when your drama starts to get toxic for their life, they will not hesitate to block you out. This is their way of saving themselves from the bad things you bring to their life.


Leo is the one who likes to be good at everything and there’s no denying that fact! They are always on their toes when it comes to beating someone at their game. However, when the same happens to them, they are quick to block them out, let alone acknowledge their existence.


Virgo is a perfectionist and they are nothing without their little mind. They always have strong opinions about things around them which is what makes them the person that they are. Now, if someone comes along and disagrees with them and their opinions, the first thing they’ll do is block them out.


Libras are known for their authentic self and if they do not like someone or something, they’ll be truthful in letting them know about the fact. They are not the type to lead you on. But, if you are someone who still isn’t understanding the fact, they will not hesitate to block you out.


Scorpios are mysteriously emotional. You never know what will tick them off. While they are great lovers, they do not like people breaking their heart because, let’s be real, breaking hearts is what Scorpios are good at. If someone comes along and does that to them, they are quick to block them out.


Capricorns are all about that spark. They always crave for something fresh in a person. Now, if they find themselves getting bored and aloof, they will try talking to you. But, if things still start going downhill, they might just block you out.


Just like Capricorns, Aquarians need newness in their lives. They get tired of seeing and hearing the same things again and again. Now, this can be true in terms of social media posts to even people. So make sure you keep the spark and newness alive all the time.


Pisces finds it hard to let go of all the things that have hurt them. They hold on to grudges for long which makes it difficult for them to move on to better things in life. So, in order to do that, they block people out completely.


Sag is missing, don't ever leave us out , boo hoo

I'm a Pisces.
Yes it was hard to let go and forgive us but now I've learned to let go and love myself and it all comes together Pisces very sensitive people they feel other people's feeling that's why there are what they are we're very spiritual people and we love all we give to the universe and let the universe do the judging not us

I'm a pisces, and i dont think they hold grudges for long. I forgive people quickly and don't really hold grudges.

What!? This is so not true, ok!!! Scorpios don't break hearts. We don't do it fr pleasure. We have to do it if we have to. Got it!?

Sagittarius is not in there I'm interested in what it says about Sagittarius

Ahhhhh the beautiful mysterious Sagittarius, we are one of a kind, the outsider from the other zodiac signs, hence why we have not be listed, are empathy level can be from Zero to one hundred, just depends on how you play it.

Here's what sagittarians do... If you lie to them, if you keep poking them and if you try to control them then that is the 'end'.

Read the whole feed only to know how Sagittarius is unique form all other signs. Disappointed!

Afraid to say what ticks Sagittarius ?

My m0ney has a value and is the right to have a service

I'm not a virgo but a capp. I sound a lot like them! Why?

You need your natal chart done but you need to know where and what time of day you were born. Capricorn Taurus and Virgo are earth signs. You may have virgo in your chart. I have both.

Hello u forget Saggi babies

I'm a Sagittarius and you should see my block list. Strange, you couldn't think of any of the reason why I blocked them.

Me too a Sagittarius and I have a looooooooong block list.. hehe

Haha, true, my cousin sis is a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius has been BLOCKED OUT??

Sagittarius careless.

Sagittarius on quarantine ?

Sagittarius on holiday ?

Is this some cryptic way of saying that Sagittarius won't block anyone off no matter what!

Why did you missed out Sagittarius ? ??

Sagittarius zodiac sign it's not there

I am Sagittarius, I am regular reader of my sign in pinkvilla. I am very much disappointed, because my sign is missing.

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