Want to clean your house better? Here are some home cleaning hacks

Weekends dedicated to home cleaning don't have to be a tough task. It can be made quick and easy with some easy home cleaning hacks make your weekends a lot more fun with extra time on your hands.
Home Cleaning Tips: Want to clean your house better? Here are some home cleaning hacksWant to clean your house better? Here are some home cleaning hacks
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Cleaning our homes is a huge task and we take our time on our weekend to finish this important task. There's a lot more to cleaning a house than just dusting and tidying. We need to clean our home and not miss out the little spots that we normally do but this can be a huge task sometimes. Some stubborn dirt and marks and spots can be very difficult to clean and we cannot spend all day rubbing it off. This is mostly why it takes more than one weekend to clean our homes perfectly, but there are some really cool cleaning hacks that can make this task much easier for you. These little hacks and help you get rid of the extra mess without any hassle.

Read on to find out some fun cleaning hacks for your home and kitchen.

1. Don't miss out on cleaning your tiles. Often, we clean our flow but fail to clean the dirt stuck between the tiles. Use a mixture of plain water and baking soda to clean your tiles. You can dip a brush in this mixture and rub the dirt out from the tiles.

2. We often miss out on cleaning our fridge when we clean the house, but we save and store our food in the fridge and it's not a good idea to keep your food in a place where bacteria are breeding. The mixture of baking soda and water also helps in cleaning the fridge and helps remove the food residue.

3. Hard water leaves marks on the bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets and also rusts up and leaves it with marks. You can use a lemon to cleanse it. Lemon has bleaching properties and can naturally cleanse the faucets without any hassle and dealing with the smell of bleach.

4. If you have pets, you obviously struggle with cleaning pet hair from your furniture. You can wear a rubber glove and make it a little wet and wipe the couch and cushions. This will make all the pet fur stick to the glove and make it much easier to remove.

5. Use a mixture of lemon and salt to clean the insides of your microwave or oven. Preferably use rock salt. You can also heat up a bowl of water with some lemon pieces in it to remove the smell from the oven or microwave.

6. Cleaning burned pans and pots can be very difficult but you can use some vinegar and baking soda for it. Mix some vinegar and water and heat it in the pants and pots to remove the marks and if it doesn't work you can use some baking soda to scrub it off.

7. You can use baking soda to clean your stovetop as well. We often drop food on it while cooking and cleaning it may turn out to be difficult so use some lemon or baking soda to clean it.


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