Want to have a happy life? You need to stop doing THESE things in order to stay happy

1 year ago  |  3.3M

Happiness is the one thing that everyone is looking for and we spend a lot of money on taking care of ourselves and keeping our mind happy. But we have failed to maintain our happiness. Sometimes we also forget to be kind to ourselves and love ourselves because we are unhappy about one odd thing. We don’t know how to handle our unhappiness and failure. We end up lashing out at our own self and our mind. We throw the blame around for every time anything goes wrong but we fail to love ourselves in the heat of the moment. Many of us have been constantly looking for happiness but we get close but never manage to get it and all of this is not because we are incapable but it’s probably because we come in our own way and block ourselves and our happiness. Maybe it’s time to take a better look at life and how you’ve been dealing with yourself and how you treat yourself. Perhaps those things are the reason behind your unhappiness! Here are some things that you need to stop doing in order to stay happy.

1. Overthinking

It’s very natural to want to think but when you start obsessing over something you may end up making things much worse for yourself inside your head. Thinking too much can make it difficult for you to make decisions or find happiness because eventually your thoughts will turn negative and make everything seem wrong or bad.

2. Beating yourself up

It’s okay to fail and it’s okay to not be perfect. A lot of us want perfection, we only have eyes for perfection. We look for it in every little thing around us and inside us. When we are incapable of achieving perfection, we start beating ourselves up over it. Quit looking for perfection and stop beating yourself up for making a mistake or doing something wrong.

3. Unrealistic expectations

You have dreams and you push yourself to achieve them, but sometimes, your dreams and ambition cross the little line and jump over to being unrealistic expectations. It’s okay to dream and want more from life but it’s not okay to expect unrealistic things or set unrealistic goals for yourself.

4. Past

Stop living in the past. Grow up and move on. It’s okay to have baggage; we all have some of the other emotional baggage, but that doesn’t mean that we make our lives only about that baggage and nothing else. Live in the present.

5. Comparison

Quit comparing yourself with others. You cannot compare yourself with someone when you don’t know their struggles and aims and stories and you are not the same as them.

6. People pleaser

Stop trying to please everyone. It’s good to worry about the people around you but remember that you were not born for anyone’s pleasure or happiness. Everything you do will make someone or the other unhappy and that is okay.

7. Looking outside for happiness

You look for happiness in materialistic things and achievements. Stop making your happiness about things and luxuries and goals. Don’t tell yourself that you will be happy once you have a car or a house of your own because it’s a lie. Those achievements or things will never make you happy. They will only make you want more. Look for happiness within yourself.