Want to improve your posture? Here’s how you can do it to look better

A bad posture is not only unattractive but also has an impact on our health and our body. A bad posture can lead to bigger health conditions that are not good for any of us.
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Posture is very important for all of us. We’ve all been told to not slouch and sit properly to maintain a good posture. A good posture is generally associated with looking good and nothing more but the fact is that slouching can lead to a lot of other scary problems like neck pain and backache and other such posture-related problems. This is why it is very crucial for us to maintain a good posture and keep our neck and back in a good position and comfortable. With our phones and laptops and desk jobs, it difficult to maintain a good posture but a good posture is very essential for our overall health.

1. Exercise

Exercises like shoulder rolls and pull-ups are great for your back and shoulders. It gets the blood flowing and helps you exercise those muscles. Do these exercises for 5 to 10 minutes a day.

2. Yoga

Yoga is great for your health. Yoga requires you to sit erect and stretch with the perfect technique. All of this helps fix your posture. Take out 10 to 15 minutes from your daily life to do some yoga. It can work wonders for your back and shoulders.

3. Back support

Most of our jobs require us to sit a lot and we often fail to provide adequate support for our backs. The lower back plays an important role in your balance and posture. Provide it proper support by using a lower back cushion or pillow.

4. Study Table

Don’t work or study on your bed or on the couch. Use a proper desk or study table for it. This will help you sit straight and prevent sitting in odd and uncomfortable positions and prevent slouching.

5. Avoid Heels

Heels can impact your body balance and your lower back. This has a major impact on your posture. Try to avoid wearing heels while you aim to improve your posture. Take the extra load off your back and provide it proper support by wearing good quality shoes and footwear that provide proper support to your feet.

6. Check yourself

Keep a tab on yourself and the way you sit. Check yourself every time you realize that you’re slouching. Fix your posture and sit properly for as long as you can.

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