Want to improve your workout? Here's how curse words can help you with it

When it comes to health, there are some surreal things that sometimes tend to help. One such surreal thing that can help you have a good health is cursing. Read below to find out how.
Want to improve your workout? Here's how curse words can help you with it Want to improve your workout? Here's how curse words can help you with it
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To maintain a healthy lifestyle, apart from following a good diet, one also needs to work out often. There are different types of workouts that one can do. Right from running to yoga to pilates, you can do anything you want. And for people who like to want to improve their workouts, we will tell you how to do that easily. Well, to improve your workout, you have to swear as much as you can. As preposterous as it sounds, it's true. New research suggests that swearing can improve a workout and help reduce pain. 

When it comes to swearing or giving cuss words, not all of us are comfortable in using the foul language every time. Yes, when we get angry or frustrated we tend to abuse, but then that happens like once in a while. If you are someone who doesn't prefer swearing, then you should start doing it for your health.


Read below to know why cursing is food for your health


Swearing is often considered impolite, but research from Keele University in England has a different take on it. While conducting the research they found out that people on bikes who swore while pedaling against resistance had more power and strength than people who didn't. It further states that people who swore while pressing a hand vice were able to press it for a longer duration.



Hence, they concluded they cursing can improve your strength and stamina. Accept it or not, the power of blasphemy can help you lead a fit life. Scientifically, abusing while sweating out produces a rush of adrenaline that boosts the heart rate and breathing, which amps up the oxygen intake. 



It also creates a stress response that opens the body’s defensive reflex, which not only improves a workout, but it can also help with an injury.



Cursing further triggers an emotional response, which can help, if you need some extra motivation. However, researchers also suggest that curse words lose their power over endurance when they are used often. So, we are saying use it for your health, but don't overdo it. 


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