Want a pet? Here’s why you should adopt instead of buying

2 years ago  |  1M

Pets are not just anybody, they’re a part of our family. They are our family members and our companion. Animals can change our lives. They bring a smile on our face and our bonding with them can make our lives much easier. They aren’t just our companions in life but also in our pain. Pets are known to provide emotional support and they love you in ways that no one else can. They keep you busy and they come with a huge responsibility. Having a pet is like having a baby that needs to be trained and taught and needs to be fed and cleaned after. The only difference is that this furry baby never really grows up and remains your baby for as long as they live. But when you get a furry baby home you need to decide if you want to buy a furry friend of your choice or adopt. Here are the reasons why adopting is the right way to go.

1. Adopting means you’re saving a life. A lot of animals lose their lives in accidents and starve to death. When you take home a needy dog or cat, you give them a new life and a second chance. You provide them with a better life.

2. While doing so you also save money. You end up saving the money you would’ve spent on buying an animal.

3. Adopting makes more space in shelters for needy animals. When you give one a home you give another one a chance to be saved. You create more place for rescues. You take the load off the NGO’s or shelters hand. You give them hope and show them that every rescue has a chance at finding a home.

4. You give a homeless a home and a family to go with. You give them a place to belong and a person to belong with.

5. When you adopt you take a stand against breeders who treat animals as a money-making machine. You take a stand against selling and buying lives. You take a stand that lives and love cannot be bought.

6. Adopted pets show more love and gratitude. They look up to you and thank you every day for saving them. They love you and thank you every single day. They bond with you much better and you truly are their pawrent.