Ways to make up after a fight in a long-distance LGBT relationship

Here are some ways to mend a long-distance LGBT relationship after a fight.]

Updated on May 22, 2022 04:50 AM IST  |  205.3K
Long-distance lgbt relationship
Ways to make up after a fight in a long-distance LGBT relationship
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Long-distance relationships are difficult no matter how far apart you are, especially when two people are trying to make things work across continents, time zones, and cultures. Moreover, long-distance relationships can cause a great deal of sadness and difficulty in your life. Miscommunication and a slew of negative emotions can easily lead to an unnecessary fight. And it all starts when you and your partner have opposing viewpoints on a particular issue. It's natural and healthy to have differences of opinion. What makes a difference is how you deal with these conflicts and disagreements. 

Here, we bring you 4 strategies to make up after a fight that will help you address the conflict more effectively.

take a step back

1. Take a step back and calm down

Don’t try to dominate the conversation with your side of the opinion. Many times you are not at fault and don't want to apologise, but long-distance relationships necessitate more compromise. If your partner is not willing to own up to the mistake, it's best if you drop your side of the argument and take the first step.

video calling

2. Get in front of the camera

Face-to-face contact has a strong link to trust in a relationship, and reading and responding to your partner's facial expressions makes it much easier to "fight right." When you connect via video, you're much more likely to have a positive and fruitful conversation. Long-distance relationships are no longer an issue thanks to technological advancements, so take advantage of it.

3. Talk

It's easier said than done, but once you realize that almost any problem can be solved with a simple conversation, life becomes much easier. Now that you both have calmed down each other nerves and are on a platform where a meaningful conversation can be initiated, talk to your partner. A good conversation will not only lead to solutions to long-standing issues, but it will also help you lift a heavy burden off your shoulders and unite with your partner.

take a break

4. Taking a break

In order to turn a fight into a productive discussion, we sometimes need to take a break. A break is always beneficial, as long as it is taken appropriately. Internal confusion and frustration can be relieved by spending time apart from each other. When you're agitated, you're more likely to say and do things you'll later regret. So, it’s better to have you calm down completely before taking any decision. 

Remember that every couple has misunderstandings, disagreements, and mistakes. So, keep in mind the aforementioned advice for long-distance relationship conflicts.

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