Weekly Health and Finance Horoscope Oct 3rd-9th, 2022: Here's the insight for Aries, Leo, and Taurus

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A new week means a new start to your life, forgetting whatever happened in the past.

A new week means a new start to your life, forgetting whatever happened in the past. So, if your past week wasn't that great, don't worry as this coming week might just compensate for it. Looking forward to knowing what this week holds up for you and what's there for your health and financial condition. Using this opportunity to guide people toward the right path, Pandit Jagannath Guruji predicts what your first week of October will be like. Let's have a look together. 


Health - There are chances that you might face some minor health issues like back and headache. But don't worry as it's not going to be serious. A couple of pills might help you get relaxation from the pain and embrace comfort. 

Finance - Though your financial condition shall remain constant and stable, just like your current condition. Give yourself time and look out for opportunities where you can invest your money, resulting in increasing your wealth.



Health -  Health-wise, there's probably nothing for you to worry about. Though try taking good care of your health by following the right sleeping pattern. If not, you might find uneasiness that can ruin your day along with suffering a bad headache. 

Finance - Financially, this week can bring fortune for your savings. But you might end up expending a lot of money which might lead you to a money crunch at the end of the week. So, be wise and calculative while spending. 


Health - You might need to give attention to your health in terms of your emotional well-being. Try not to overthink things that will keep you away from getting stressed. Else, you might lose control over yourself, leading to more emotional damage. 

Finance - Similarly, you need to stay a bit cautious over your financial condition as well. Though there is less chance of your wealth getting maximized during this time. But it's the expense that might bother you amid the week. Unplanned expenses can impact your financial balance, causing you to worry for the rest of the month. 


Health - The schedule at your workplace might get hectic which might bring anxiety and imbalance in your life. So, try improving your health conditions by boosting your diet along with incorporating exercises into your daily regime. One of your family member's health might need attention. 

Finance - Say a big no to impulse shopping this week that will directly impact your savings and pocket. Rather, plan your expenses in advance and follow them religiously to be a smart purchaser. Monetary gain is assumed in the latter half of the week through different sources.



Health - Some serious health issues might trouble you as it's quite sensitive this week. So, it's suggested to keep a close eye on your health condition, monitoring it on a regular basis. If you face some health issues, consider a consultation with a specialized doctor that might provide you with the right medications for it. 

Finance - You might consider saving your money as much as you can. Why? Because you might require it for a purpose later this week. 


Health -  The health prediction for you suggests that you might be suffering pain this week in your stomach and lower abdomen area. Try monitoring it closely as when the pain exceeds, make an appointment with your doctor for a rightful treatment and medication. 

Finance - As the week initiates, you might notice a gradual increase in your income through various sources. Though try spending your money wisely as you might require it for some other purpose later this week and month. 


Health -  Your health condition will stay stable this week. So, there's nothing to worry about. Though it's suggested to stop consuming excessive fast foods that might lead to acidity, causing you restlessness. 

Finance - Some good earning opportunities might be waiting for you to knock in your life. This will increase your overall savings, boosting your financial condition for enhanced stability. Avoid lending and borrowing money from others during this week. 


Health - You might end up feeling exhausted at the end of the day during this week due to your normal workplace activity. Avoid overstressing over things that might take a toll on your mental health, triggering anxiety and uneasiness. 

Finance - Constant income of finances will occur during this phase in your life. This will definitely add on to your mental relief. But do avoid spending money impulsively that might end up in money hardship.



Health - As per the prediction, you might need to emphasize a little bit more on your health as there are chances you feel body pain and aches during this week. The professional hours will surely be hectic but it will be stable without any unplanned activities bothering your mental health. 

Finance - During this week, you might see a boost in your financial income. Try investigating different growth options for your money where you will see an upward income curve. So, it's the right time for you to invest. 


Health - Keep an eye on whatever you're consuming, both physically and internally as you might end up getting allergies. Also, if you're planning to have meals outside, try postponing it to some other week as it can worsen your condition. 

I Finance - f you had been looking to invest in real estate, you can utilize this time for finalizing the deal. This looks like a favorable mode of investment that will grow your wealth over a period of time. 


Health - If you are regular to gyms and exercises, try staying a bit cautious as you might go through muscle spasms and fatigue. Rather, a mild exercise regime can be a great option during this week. At the workplace, avoid exchanging any information related to work as it might lead to an increase in competition, impacting your mental peace. 

Finance - The stuck payments of yours will finally clear up this week which will bring you some mental relief. But despite it, you need to be careful while handling the money. Take proper and researched financial decisions that will lead to increasing your bank balance. 


Health -  Your health looks quite stable this week which flushes out any concern regarding the same. Though, you might stay a bit careful while consuming any kind of junk food that can upset your stomach. Thus, home-cooked meals are heavily recommended. 

Finance - You can suffer through a money crunch this week. So, it's better to stay calculative over the money you're spending. You also might get some incoming known ones who might be looking to lend money from you. So, be wise while taking a decision after analyzing your own financial condition first.

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