Weekly Horoscope from 12 to 18 July: Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius; Check out what's in store for the coming week

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Weekly Horoscope from 12 to 18 July: Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius; Check out what's in store for the coming week

Your upcoming weekly zodiac prediction is here. Know what is on the cards for your zodiac sign in the coming week. 

Read the weekly horoscope from July 12 to July 18 to find out more about your upcoming week as shared by astrologer Sheela M Bajaj, who is a renowned celebrity numerologist, acclaimed tarot master, Feng Shui master, ceremonial magic priestess and the author of “The Love Mirage”.


Career – Focus at work should be of utmost priority as locking your ram horns with an impatient streak could affect the pending tasks at hand.

Relationship – Staying calm will help ease the commanding vibes from your partner. This different approach will benefit you both.

Health – A big NO to junk food. Remember it takes 21 days to develop a good habit so why not start now. Eating healthy and staying fit should be your motto.

Tip of the Week – Don a blue outfit, as it helps you to be productive in every task.


Career – You may be confused as to what tasks should be prioritised, so use your creative streak to your advantage.

Relationships – Communication and transparency with your partner will be beneficial today, this will allow you both to warm your hearts as romance is truly in the air.

Health – Positivity is truly your mantra for good health.

Tip of the Week – Carry dry tulsi, as it brings prosperity.




Career – Your enthusiasm will have no bounds as you will be filled with ideas that work. This will bring about a recognition that is long due.

Relationships – You will take a step forward in your relationship as things are stable and this boosts your confidence in matters of the heart.

Health – Your mood will be light and positive as the day progresses.

Tip of the Week– Keep a Himalayan salt lamp for positivity.





Career – You will prove that you are a game-changer at work and will impress your superiors. This is truly a time to come out of your shell.

Relationships – Your bond with your partner gets stronger as you give them more love and care.

Health – Stay calm as this will help you balance work and personal life.

Tip of the Week – Cleanse your bedroom with salt especially the corners of the room.



Career – You have achieved a lot at work today, and could sign new agreements.

Relationships – You share your tasks with your partner today, and the results are amazing. You will feel loved.

Health – Your mood improves as the day progresses, as you get support from your partner.

Tip of the Week – Have a salt bath to cleanse negative energies



Career – You will receive support from your peers as you complete tasks at work. Teamwork is the key to progress.

Relationships – You will spend a great evening with your partner, as you go out after a long time. This is much needed to boost the bond.

Health – Your mood will be light as you complete the tasks at work with ease and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Tip of the Week – Burn sage to cleanse the energy at home.


Career – A change at work is possible. New opportunities come your way. Take up the challenge, as they showcase your strength and talents. It is time to rise.

Relationships – You spend a good time with your loved ones and surprise them with gifts or a fancy dinner.

Health – Pay attention to what you eat as you need to balance your Libran scales.

Tip of the Week – Carry three Chinese coins with you to attract wealth and abundance.



Career – You will take time to finish your tasks, but the outcome is going to be positive.

Relationships – You will help your partner make decisions and your support will make your bond stronger.

Health – A stressful day at work, your mood improves as the day progresses.

Tip of the Week – Carry a money amulet to attract money.



Career – A good time to plan your work for the coming week. Everything you do will bring success.

Relationships – Pay attention to your partner, as they might feel ignored and neglected.

Health – Maintain good posture, as you might have issues with your lower back.

Tip of the Week – Burn bay leaves to clear all negative energies.



Career – Your peers will appreciate the talent you showcase at work. A good day to voice your opinions with clarity.

Relationships – Plan a trip with your loved ones, it will help you give them undivided attention.

Health – You could have a headache, stay calm and smell some peppermint essential oil.

Tip of the Week – Carry cinnamon in the form of powder or sticks to attract wealth


Career – Buckle up as you have a lot of tasks to be completed today. You will focus on meeting your deadlines on time today.

Relationships – Your partner will be moody, pay attention to them. 

Health – Stay hydrated.

Tip of the Week – Listen to soothing classical music to improve your mood.



Career – A good day to consider a job change. You could get an opportunity to move into another team within your company.

Relationships – Your partner will help you in decision-making and improve your overall outlook.

Health – Your mood will be light, stay cheerful.

Tip of the Week– Place an idol of a prancing horse on your worktable more for success.


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