Weekly Horoscope (12 to 18 July): Taurus, Gemini, Cancer; Check out what's in store for the upcoming week

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Weekly Horoscope (12 to 18 July): Taurus, Gemini, Cancer; Check out what's in store for the upcoming week

Favourable week for students, financial stability and occupational beginnings will be the dominating themes this week. Find out what is in store for you this week along with the possibilities that may arise in between or towards the end of the week. Read your forecast to find out: 


Aries sign people are likely to make heightened gains when it comes to earning a big amount. Situations will remain favourable and productive in the workplace and your confidence will take you through all the work swiftly. This will be a favourable week for students. You shall receive good news in relation to your offspring. Your familial life will remain good. Be cautious about the steps taken by your rivals and exercise restraint over your expenses. A long stretched pending calculation of a loan or similar thing will get settled. 


Taurus sign people will enjoy favourable conditions on the financial front and achieve a higher standing. Salaried folks will go about their work in a usual manner whereas business people will have to deal with a lot of clutter and chaos. Keep yourself away from conflicts and debates in the workplace. Your income is set to increase this week. You will maintain harmony with your family members. Students will succeed in their endeavours. Do not get into any intense discussion or debate with your life partner. 


Gemini sign people will make special gains this week. There will be a significant rise in your comforts and material pleasures. You will do exceptionally well in the workplace and draw the attention of many. Your valour will be a pillar of support in doing things efficiently. You may have to run around a bit during the middle of the month and also cope with some stress. Your life partner will support you. The inflow of money will be great and shall keep you cheered up. 


Cancer sign people will manage to strengthen their financial standing. You are likely to spend a blissful time with your family members. You will achieve high levels of success in your professional assignments. Business people are advised to put in an extra effort to achieve their goals. Your health will remain good. There will be an improvement in your comforts and luxuries. The end of the week will bring a few chaotic situations demanding post to pillar.  


Leo sign people will spend an auspicious and productive week. You shall make gains in the context of money and get new opportunities to earn an additional amount on a regular basis. You will succeed in all your efforts in the workplace. Business people may start trading in new territories or may consider new items. Your domestic life will remain pleasant. Your health will be fine. Your prestige and reputation are set to enhance this week. 


Virgo sign people are likely to be bothered about a few expenses at the beginning of the week. Official trips are likely this week. You will make intense efforts on the work front and will remain unusually active on all fronts. Salaried people may be promoted to a higher post. If you applied for a new job, the result is likely to remain in your favour. Your health will remain fine. You might visit a few relatives. Students will get success if they work hard. 


Libra sign people will receive exceptionally positive and good news on the professional front. Your money-related issues will take a back seat giving you much needed relief. You will make higher level monetary gains. The middle of the week involves running around for some work and may involve some expenses too. You will earn prestige and fame in unprecedented proportion. If you want to go for higher education, your efforts will bear fruit. Be mindful while eating. 


Scorpio sign people are likely to make solid gains on the professional front. You will draw immense happiness after completing pending tasks. You will achieve harmony and congruity of goals and approach with your senior officers. You shall make gains on account of your father. The middle of the week is favourable for the clearance of pending payments and arrears. You will enjoy good food and drinks with your friend. There will be some expenses during the middle of the week. Take care of your health. 


Sagittarius sign people are likely to make solid gains in the context of their source of income. Things and situations will remain favourable in the workplace. Salaried folks are likely to be promoted to a higher post and given arrears for their performance in the past. An investment in business will bring out results. The week shall bring favourable results on the monetary front. Students will face a few challenges. Your conjugal life will remain good. You may spend generously to give alms.  


Capricorn sign people are likely to face a health issue at the beginning of the week. You must take appropriate care of your health and well-being. Situations will remain favourable for work. Some of you are likely to be assigned new projects in the workplace. Your life partner will support you adequately. An earlier made investment will generate high gains which will enable you to stabilise your financial standing. You may participate in a religious ritual. 


Aquarius sign people will enhance their knowledge in their field this week. Students will get positive results and the blessings of their teachers. Business people shall get good returns if they make solid efforts. Salaried people will go about their work in a usual manner. The middle of the week brings health issues and heightened expenses. Your familial life will remain pleasant. You may participate in religious rituals. 


Pisces sign people are likely to experience some material pleasures this week. Your parents will support you and bless you. Lovers are likely to be faced with some misunderstandings and failed expectations. Business people shall make gains and add a few new activities this week to their work. Your life partner’s support will prove beneficial to you. You may plan to purchase a new vehicle or an apartment. Take care of your health at the end of the week as you may develop stomach-related issues. 

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