Weekly Horoscope 13th May to 19th May 2019: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo; here's your prediction for the week ahead

Weekly Horoscope 13th May to 19th May 2019: Check out what's in store for your weekly astrology prediction for zodiac sign Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Libra and others.
Weekly Horoscope 13th May to 19th May 2019: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo; here's your prediction for the week aheadWeekly Horoscope 13th May to 19th May 2019: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo; here's your prediction for the week ahead
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Aries sign people will not be able to complete their work on time even though their valour and might well be on a rise. There will be possibilities for undertaking journeys. You might suffer from body ache. You will make significant progress in your job or business. Students will get good results. Your martial relations will be harmonious. 


Taurus sign people will remain worried about their mother’s health and will also benefit on account of her. You might earn money through the route of interest. Do not be in a hurry while planning anything related to work. You will benefit by meeting new people in the field of our work. The end of the week may bring some physical discomfort. 

Gemini sign people will be happy because their help up things will get through. You might remain busy with religious activities. There are chances of a change in your job or business. You might suffer from a health issue such as some kind of pain. You will get a new means of earning money.   

Cancer sign people will feel lethargic and also unwell so their work will move at a snail pace. However, you will have the benefit of a favourable stroke of luck so the obstacles will get removed on their own. You will benefit in the matters of property or house. Your siblings’ support will lead to gains. There will be chances of monetary gains.    


Leo sign people will get freedom from their money-related difficulties. Your valour will be heightened this week and you will create a strong impression on people. You will benefit from several quarters. You might buy some kind of property. You may also get a loan sanctioned. Either employed or in business, there will be chances of a rise in your income. 


Virgo sign people will plan an outing with their family members. All your things will get through despite obstacles. There will be chances of business-related profit throughout the week. You might be worried about an issue related to your offspring. You might have to travel and the rise in your expenditures will be irritating. 


Libra sign people will find new doors opening to profit and held up payments will also come through. Your health might come under rough weather during the middle of the week. The business people will benefit from a foreign land and will get new offers. There will be a rise in your status and honour. You will spend on the items of comfort and luxury. 


Scorpio sign people will get the patronage and benefit from senior officials. You will suddenly gain money. Be careful during money transactions. There are chances of benefit for students. You may set out on a journey. Your health will go up and down but there will be progress made in the workplace. 


Sagittarius sign people may have to deal with some sourness in their conjugal life. This shall be a week of achievements for students. The employed people will get a new post. You will maintain good coordination with your seniors. You might earn money on account of an older investment. You might get attracted to woo doo or black magic. 

Capricorn sign people may have to face certain difficulties during the beginning of the week. An old legal matter may become a source of irritation and difficulty. You might suffer from body ache. Things will be normal at work. You might travel to expand your work. You might feel restless, as there will be conflicts in the family. 


Aquarius sign people will get success in several fields purely on account of their confidence. Your life partner’s health may be a reason to worry. You may shop for household items. This will be a week of benefits and gains. Do not pick up unnecessary conflicts with anybody. This week will bring a favourable time for students. 


Pisces sign people may take certain decisions to expand their business or trade and will also benefit a lot. Your family life will be full of happiness even though; there will be chances of stress on account of your wife or mother. You will benefit on account of your offspring. Take care of your health as a stomach-related problem may bother you. Your financial condition will be good. 

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