Weekly Horoscope 19th August to 25th August 2019: Pisces, Gemini, here's your prediction for the coming week

Weekly Horoscope 19th- 25th August 2019: Check out what's in store for your weekly astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
People,weekly horoscopeWeekly Horoscope 19th August to 25th August 2019: Pisces, Gemini, here's your prediction for the coming week
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Aries sign people may feel little troubled during the beginning of the week. The salaried people will enjoy special patronage and protection of their seniors and you might get promoted to a senior post. The business people will make significant gains from the middle of the week. Financially, you will be in a safe zone and your bank balance will improve. You will spend a good marital life. 


Taurus sign people will receive good news this week. A positive stroke of love will bless you throughout the week. If you are planning for a task, this is the week to execute in order to ensure success in it. The salaried people will get good returns in their field of work. You might get promoted to a higher post. This will be a good week to achieve financial stability. Your familial ethos will be good. If you get caught in a conflict, take any decision judiciously. 


Gemini sign people will make gains whether they are in business or in a job. You will be patronised by your bosses. There will be a rise in your comfort and luxury. You will receive good news about your offspring. You may have to deal with health-related issues. You will have to travel a lot. There will be stronger chances of financial stability.   


Cancer sign people will have to deal with certain obstacles at the beginning of the week. You shall receive good news related to your job. Students will remain confused about something. You will get success in your studies only if you put in extra efforts. Your financial problems will come to an end. Your income shall rise and your financial condition will get strengthened. This will prove to be a beneficial for business people as there will be several kinds of gains coming their way. 


Leo sign people will be blessed with a positive stroke of luck. There will be a sudden rise in your prestige. Your bosses will come forward to help you. You will make gains in government-related tasks. You will get appropriate returns to your efforts. You might remain tensed about your child as well as own health. Overdue payment will come through.  


Virgo sign people will make amazing gains in their trade. You may acquire new business deals this week. Your abilities to network with new people will help in expanding the business. Things will be bright when it comes to money. For salaried people, this will be an eventless week. You may have to cope with health-related difficulties during the middle of the week. You will have to travel a lot. You might spend on religious activities.   


Libra sign people will be in strongly favourable situations for monetary gains. Several kinds of activities will fetch gains. Your ongoing love affair may mature into a marriage commitment. If you are already married, your conjugal life will be great. For health concerns, this will be a week of ups and downs. Things and situations will be favourable at work. Your colleagues will cooperate fully at work. 


Scorpio sign people will receive a piece of auspicious news related to their job. Your senior officers will cooperate fully with you. They will appreciate your contribution at work. Your bank balance will increase this week. You will feel affectionate towards your mother and benefit on account of her. If you are planning to buy a house of a vehicle, your wish may get fulfilled during this week. You will have to deal with a heightened level of lethargy. 



Sagittarius sign people will begin the week on a confusing note. Do not take any decision in a fit of anger. You will spend harmonious time with your child. This will be a beneficial week for students so they must make the best use of it. You will achieve success in government-related works. Your seniors will be pleased with your work. Blind trust in somebody may prove disastrous. Financially, you will feel stable. You will get more inclined towards religiosity. 


Capricorn sign people will find their confidence rising to very high levels. There are good chances of increase in your luxury and comfort levels. Your health will be wavy as there will be several phases of illness. You may have to undergo a surgery. A chance meeting with new people will help in expanding your business. Keep your anger under control. Do not harm anybody else you might have to suffer. You may make gains on account of your child. 


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