Weekly Horoscope 22nd April to 28th April 2019: Know your astrology prediction for zodiac sign Leo, Libra

Published on Apr 21, 2019 09:30 AM IST  |  3.3M
Weekly Horoscope 22nd April to 28th April 2019: Know your astrology prediction for zodiac sign Leo, Libra


Aries sign people will feel confused about something right from the beginning of the week. You might remain worried about your health too. Do not trust people blindly. Your financial condition will strengthen. Business people will make gains and you will spend a positive and energetic time in the family. You might participate in religious activities.


Taurus sign people will begin the week on a great note. There will be a rise in your comfort and luxury levels and you will spend on necessary items and requirements for the family members. You might remain bothered by health problems. Take any decision after careful thought and consideration. Your money-related issues may get resolved.


Gemini sign people will have to cope with poor health. They will remain worried about it. Things will be normal in a job or business. Do not take any decision in a hurry. You will start getting success in your work mid-week onwards.  Your relations with your life partner will be pleasant and harmonious. You will experience the luxury of a vehicle. You will win over your enemies.


Cancer sign people will begin the week on a slightly low note. You might have to struggle with health problems but things will start improving mid-week onwards. You will get results as per your wishes at the workplace. There are chances of a promotion for service sector people. You will find new ways to earn money. Your familial and marital life will be harmonious.


Leo sign people may struggle to achieve consonance in their family and married life. It will be good if you function with caution at the workplace. A stroke of favourable luck will keep you free from all kinds of problems. There are chances of sudden monetary gain at the end of the week and also of receiving good news. You might remain worried on account of your mother’s poor health.


Virgo sign people will access new sources of earning money and will make several kinds of gains. You will get success in the workplace only after putting in the extra effort. There are chances of a rise in your expenditures during the middle of the week. Do not let stress and tension get onto your nerves. It is better to stay calm and composed. You shall face obstacles in government-related activities.  


Libra sign people might remain worried because all kinds of positive and negative thoughts will cross their mind. You will remain sad because of not getting the desired results of your efforts.  Your relations will be harmonious in conjugal contexts. Take care of your health as stomach and eye-related problems may bother you. Your enemies will fail if they attempt to harm you. You will gain money.



Scorpio sign people will receive good news from several sources. You will be able to do all your work successfully in the workplace. Your enthusiasm and valour will be of a higher order. You will get the support of your brothers and also benefit on the account of them. This will be a good week when it comes to health but your eyes may give you some problems


Sagittarius sign people are in for a favourable week in the contexts of money and other gains. People will get the results in proportion to their efforts in their job or business. You might remain occupied with all kinds of stress this week. There will be chaos and ups and downs in your married life. Take money-related decisions after careful consideration. Do not engage in any debate and be mindful of your words in daily conversations.


Capricorn sign people will get respite from their money-related problems. You will meet new people and will benefit on account of them. You will get success in business deals. There are chances of physical discomfort during the middle of the week. Your critical wish might get fulfilled in this week. You will be blessed with an offspring or love from an existing one. This will be a favourable week for students.


Aquarius sign people will get success in everything very easily. You will get the patronage of your senior at work and will also benefit on account of them. You will spend time with your friends. Your family and married life will continue to be good. Take care of your health.


Pisces sign people may have to face certain problems during the beginning of the week. You might get a promotion or a special appointment at work. Your image will improve among your seniors. You will spend time with your family members. Money-wise, this will turn out to be a good week. It is possible that several of your wishes will get fulfilled.