Weekly Horoscope (April 12 to 18): Leo, Capricorn, Libra; See what's in store for you for the week ahead

Horoscope, April 12 to April 18, 2021: Check out the astrology prediction for the coming week for your zodiac signs right here.
weekly horoscope,April horoscope Weekly Horoscope (April 12 to 18): Leo, Capricorn, Libra; See what's in store for you for the week ahead.
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This is a week of familial bliss and warmth. Stars bring in love, care and comfort of the loved one’s company for six signs? Are you one of them? What else do stars bring this week? Read your weekly predictions to find out: 



Aries sign people will experience a sharp rise in their rank and reputation on the professional front. If you were facing a few obstacles in the workplace, they will all get erased. Business people are likely to make solid gains. Your health will improve very suddenly as the cumulative effect of your efforts will become visible. Your familial and marital relationships will remain pleasant and satisfying. Those who are willing to tie the know may receive some excellent proposals. Monetary gains are for sure indicated and the bliss of an offspring. 



Taurus sign people will spend money to purchase some luxurious experiences or items. You shall finally recover from a persistent health issue. Your conjugal life will remain full of warmth and attraction. Things will remain favourable in the workplace. You shall receive a big favour from your seniors. You may undertake a few road journeys. The end of the week will be about strengthening your financial profile as an inflow of money in large amounts is possible. 



Gemini sign people will secure success in their income-related struggles. You will experience a dramatic rise in their routine comforts and pleasures. All your pending assignments will get completed very smoothly. There will be some professional and health-related problems during the middle of the week. Your offspring will cooperate with you generously. Students will get positive results in their projects. 



Cancer sign people are likely to secure grand success if they have been making efforts to get hold of a new job. Those who are in a job are likely to be promoted to a higher post. There will be a substantial rise in your comforts and pleasures. You may plan to purchase a new apartment or a vehicle. The middle of the week may bring some problems in the life of your offspring. The end of the week may bring the situations of heightened expenses. You must take care of your health.



Leo sign people will manage to resolve all the hurdles that have been coming in their way for a while. The salaried people are likely to be promoted to a higher post. You will resolve all your conflicts with your senior officers. Your rank and reputation will increase significantly because of your contribution to work. You may become arrogant and short-tempered so be cautious. You will be in favourable situations on several occasions for making monetary gains. Your health will remain good and there will be cheer and pleasure in familial ethos.



Virgo sign people will have to face health and money-related difficulties during the initial days of the week. You will emerge victorious in legal wrangles if you are involved in any. Take care of your life partner’s health. You will remain sluggish and indifferent towards your work throughout the week which will keep the load of pending work looming large. Salaried people are likely to get good results at the end of the week. Students must work very hard without getting distracted. 



Libra sign people are likely to remain in a confident and upbeat form throughout the week. There will be bliss and harmony in your conjugal life and all the problems will get resolved. Your health will start improving in the middle of the week. Your harsh speech may create a few problems during the middle of the week so you need to be cautious. Business people will make gains if they work strategically. You will participate in religious rituals and ceremonies. Some of you may be blessed with a child. 



Scorpio sign people are likely to spend money to buy certain items of pleasure or even electronic items shopping is possible. You will secure success in all your professional tasks and your influence will increase manifolds. Your enemies may try to trouble you but they will not achieve anything. Your life partner is likely to face some health issues. There will be some stress on the professional front. Take care of your health. 


Sagittarius sign people will receive money in abundance beyond their imagination. You are likely to enjoy the benefits of the favourable placement of stars. Things and situations will remain very positive and favourable in the workplace. Your offspring will look after your comforts and happiness. You are advised to restrain your harsh speech and expenses during the middle of the week. Lovers are likely to succeed in their romantic endeavours and all the ongoing tiffs will get resolved. Your familial life will remain pleasant. 



Capricorn sign people will notice some positive changes on the professional front. If you appear in an interview, you are likely to succeed. Your routine comforts will increase significantly. You may remain somewhat hassled about the limited inflow of money and your dwindling savings. Your familial and marital life will remain pleasant and blissful. Students are likely to remain caught with a few confusions and dilemmas. 



Aquarius sign people will get positive results on all the fronts throughout the week. Your confidence and valour will remain heightened this week. Business people are going to make several achievements this week. You may even start a few new deals. The middle of the week shall bring professional for the salaried folks. Your familial and conjugal life will be excellent. The chances of monetary gains will arise very suddenly. 



Pisces sign people will secure success on all the fronts purely on account of their soft and impressive speech. The smooth inflow of money will strengthen their financial standing. Your relations with your family members will remain harmonious and warm. You are advised to control your lethargy else you may end up failing in your attempts just before the final stage. A property deal will suddenly turn into your favour. Short distance trips are possible this week.