Weekly Horoscope (April 26 to May 2): Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Aries; See what's in store for the upcoming week

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Weekly Horoscope (April 26 to May 2): Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Aries; See what's in store for the upcoming week

Weekly Horoscope: Whether stars bring in recovery from health or pose a challenge for you to take precautions. When should you take the precautions: during the middle of the week or at the end? Read your weekly horoscope to find out.

Aries sign people will make gains in business deals and you may implement a new business plan. You will secure success in your plans to earn more money or to invest it for future gains. Single people are likely to receive a few good proposals this week. Take care of your health during the middle of the week and keep away from unnecessary stress. A pending task will pick up speed on account of a fortunate stroke of luck. You shall receive money.

Taurus sign people will make monetary gains. You may resolve your loan-related problems this week. An unpleasant exchange is possible between you and your business associates over something. Your familial life will remain normal. Do not get into heated discussions with your life partner. The end of the week may bring stress over health and monetary expenses. Keep away from stress and lethargy.

Gemini sign people are likely to experience a positive wave in their daily gains and activities. Your coordination with your offspring will be great. Your friends will cooperate with you. This will be a good week for professional activities. The middle of the week may bring health and money-related problems. You will do well in partnership-based assignments. An older problem will get resolved.

Cancer sign people are likely to remain caught up with problems on the business front. You will have to put in some extra effort to keep the inflow of daily income but result assured as money will keep pouring in. Your relatives and family members will support you but the health of your life partner will emerge as a major concern. An amount stuck since long and for which you had lost all hope will finally get released and suddenly. Be mindful about your health.

Leo sign people will feel super confident this week. Your brother’s and friend’s support will prove immensely useful in clinching something big. You are likely to receive good news on the professional front throughout the week. The middle of the week shall bring excessive work pressure and stress. Your offspring will do things to ease your life. You will get relief from your health problems. The end of the week will bring opportunities of heightened expenses. Do not lend money to anybody.

Virgo sign people may remain under the grip of some kind of fear and anxiety. There will be enhanced harmony and affection in familial relationships. However, there will be several problems in the workplace to attend to. Things will remain favourable on the financial front and you may achieve higher stability than usual. Maintain control over your speech in routine conversations. Exercise restraint over lethargy and be mindful when it comes to health.

Libra sign people will receive good news throughout the week. Your health will remain good. The work shall bring good gains. Do not argue over petty issues with your family members and save yourself from unnecessary unpleasantness. Your life partner will stand by you in all the contexts. The middle of the week may bring some negativity and pessimism which you must control. The end of the week shall bring in opportunities of monetary gains.

Scorpio sign people will enjoy favourable conditions for making monetary gains. Suddenly, chances will emerge for the inflow of money. You will secure desired success in the workplace in all your tasks. Some problems are possible in your married life but the coordination will be fine with other family members. Your expenditure is set to remain and a journey is possible too. Do not analyse or react to things unnecessarily.

Sagittarius sign people will make monetary gains today and there will be a significant rise in your daily income. Things will remain favourable in the workplace. There will be positive developments on the romantic front whether you are already in a relationship or desirous of it with somebody. The middle of the week shall bring health and expense-related worries. The business people will get good results on all the fronts. Keep your mind free from clutter and inane matters.

Capricorn sign people are likely to get solid results on the work front. You may be assigned a few prestigious projects and are likely to make solid gains. There will also be chances of a promotion in the existing job. There will be a rise in your comforts and pleasures. Your friends may not be able to cooperate with you during the middle of the week. There will be some obstacles while making monetary gains. The end of the week will bring the situations of unnecessary expenses and running around.

Aquarius sign people will get adequate support from their life partner for all kinds of issues. There will be favourable and positive situations on the occupational front. The week brings auspicious time for salaried folks. Do not argue unnecessarily over issues with your seniors. The middle of the week brings health-related worries for some of you. Prayer will bring solace and spiritual energy. You will succeed in your efforts to earn money. You are likely to spend a few pleasant evenings with your friends at the end of the week.

Pisces sign people will have to deal with some severe health issues this week. You will have to cope with heightened professional clutter that will make you run from pillar to post. You may receive pending payments which will stabilize your financial condition. You will have to cope with a fall in routine comforts. Keep away from inane and unproductive matters. The salaried people are likely to receive some good news at the end of the week.

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