Weekly Horoscope (Feb 22 to 28): Aries, Scorpio & other signs; Here's how the stars are aligned for you

Horoscope, February 22 to 28, 2021: Here are the astrology predictions for your respective signs in the coming week.
Weekly Horoscope (Feb 22 to 28): Aries, Scorpio & other signs; Here's how the stars are aligned for you
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Aries sign people will make new achievements in the workplace this week. You will experience some relief in your persistent problems. This might turn out to be a week of making some solid gains for business people. You may develop a difference of opinion with a family member. You may suffer from an oral infection or some kind of discomfort in the eyes. You will make gains on account of your life partner. Single people should brace up as some good proposals may come their way. You will make monetary gains.


Taurus sign people will do much better if they exercise restraint on their anger. You may receive some good offers on the professional front. There are chances of running around on a few days for your occupational or professional tasks. There will be some problems in your conjugal life. Take care of your health and take precautions while driving your vehicle. Your offspring will help you make gains and also support you.


Gemini sign people will be in a valorous and super confident form. The week shall bring excellent results on the business front. Your rivals or opponents may try to tarnish your image by spreading false ideas. You may remain hassled on account of health-related issues. You will make financial gains and also make expenses.


Cancer sign people will have to undertake an official journey. The trip will prove to be useful and will yield great results. The week may begin with health problems. This will be an average week for work-related issues. You may get into unpleasant situations of conflict with your friends or brothers. All familial discord may reduce this week and your financial condition will improve significantly.


Leo sign people are likely to get new ways to make monetary gains. Maintain harmony with your colleagues and seniors in the workplace. There will be chances of going on a trip for you and the experience shall prove productive. There will be an increase in your rank and reputation. Students are likely to succeed in their achievements. There will be positive developments for those who are in love. Do not take any decision in a fit of anger. You may feel very exhausted on several evenings this week.


Virgo sign people are likely to receive some good news in relation to their job. You will maintain good coordination with your seniors and colleagues in the workplace. Students are likely to complete their pending tasks. A health problem will trouble you a lot. You are advised to strike a balance between your income and expenses. A trip may get planned very suddenly.


Libra sign people will find this to be a positive and productive week. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of a positive stroke of luck. Things will remain favourable in the workplace. Your relations with senior officers will remain good. The salaried people shall hear something positive on the professional front. You may set out on a journey. This will be a good week for students. Things will turn favourable for lovers. You shall make monetary gains.


Scorpio sign people will experience a sharp increase in their pleasures and comforts. The week shall bring positive results for the salaried people. Business people will succeed in their endeavours only after putting in some extra effort. You may remain tense about your spouse’s health problems. You may suffer a blow because of your lethargy and anger so you must take care. Take care of your health.


Sagittarius sign people will receive some good results on the business front. Those who are trying to start a new business or planning for it will succeed in their efforts. You are advised to exercise restraint on your speech. You shall make gains on account of your siblings. You may suffer from a health issue. Your participation in religious activities will increase.  


Capricorn sign people will have to put in some extra effort to gain success in money-related issues. Your relations with your family members will become harmonious. You may manage to resolve your conflicts with your friends and family members. This will be a week of ups and downs for students. You may pick up conflicts with your offspring. A positive stroke of luck shall prove immensely helpful. There are strong chances of a rise in your financial standing.


Aquarius sign people will experience harmony and peace in their personal relationships and also in the family. There will be positive developments in their love affair. The result shall bring excellent gains for unmarried people. You may spend money on land or property-related work. Things will remain favourable in the workplace especially, for business people.


Pisces sign people will remain hassled on account of an increase in their lethargy and short temper. The week shall bring normal results in the workplace. You may remain tense because of unnecessary running around and a sharp increase in your expenses. An earlier made investment will help you make gains this week. Your marital life will remain fine and there will be harmony and love between lovers.

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