Weekly Horoscope (March 8 to 14): Libra, Virgo & other signs; Here's what's in store for you this coming week

Weekly Horoscope, March 8 to 14, 2021: Here are the astrology predictions for your respective signs in the coming week. See how the stars have aligned for you.
Weekly Horoscope (March 8 to 14): Libra, Virgo & other signs; Here's what's in store for you this coming week. Weekly Horoscope (March 8 to 14): Libra, Virgo & other signs; Here's what's in store for you this coming week
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Read to know how your familial environment, financial condition, health and professional performance will be in the second week of March from 8th to 14th March 2021. Take a look:


Aries sign people are likely to secure higher profit through their business deals. There will be romance and excitement in your marital life and you are likely to make some gains on account of your life partner. It will be good for you to maintain harmony and coordination with your seniors in the workplace. Students are likely to succeed in their endeavours this week. Your health will improve significantly. The end of the week may bring some chaotic situations involving unnecessary running around and excessive expenses. 


Taurus sign people are likely to be given additional responsibility in the workplace. If you have been trying to change your job, something of your choice may finally come your way. This will be an excellent week for settling your financial debts and making further investments. You will succeed in resolving your property wrangles or problems in finalizing the deals. You may start some new professional projects or finalize new business deals. You will notice a relief from your health problems this week. 


Gemini sign people will have to deal with an illness during the initial days of the week but there will be remarkable improvement in the second half of the week. You will succeed in a major project purely on account of your valour and intelligence. Things will go on smoothly in the workplace. Your seniors will be impressed with your contribution. You may set out on a pilgrimage with your family members. The week should end with a piece of good news on the professional front. 


Cancer sign people are advised to ignore minor disturbance and behavioural tantrums of their business associates. They must remain warm and dignified towards their partners. There are strong chances of a significant improvement in your financial standing. Do not get into any heated discussion with your life partner. You are advised to avoid any kind of discussion on sensitive or controversial issues else the chances of a big conflict are very high. You may receive good news about your job through the means of communication. You will continue to work very hard throughout the week in order to earn money and the inflow of money will also be greater than usual. 


Leo sign people will have to cope with an excessive workload and many responsibilities on the work front. You will have to run from pillar to post throughout the week. There are chances of a difference in opinion between you and your seniors on a sensitive issue so you must talk very carefully. A health issue will persist and trouble you all through the week so you must eat very mindfully. Your spouse is likely to make financial gains. Your offspring will support you and also look after you well.


Virgo sign people are likely to draw benefits on account of certain errors made by their rivals. Your health is likely to improve this week but you should continue to be mindful about what you eat and drink. Overindulgence may prove harmful. You will enjoy favourable conditions in the workplace. The week shall bring success for the students on several fronts. Business people will work hard throughout the week and the positive results will be felt towards the end of the week. 


Libra sign people will remain occupied in the beginning of the week in resolving some problems. You must strike a balance in your approach and keep the boss in your confidence. Do not waste your time in discussing worthless issues or in giving unsolicited advice. The week shall bring some special gains for students. The middle of the week is favourable for monetary gains if you make some efforts. You must be cautious about not eating heavy food and outside food. 


Scorpio sign people will receive some excellent news on the professional front. Your relations with your boss and other important people in the workplace will acquire further strength. You will find relief in your health issues. You will face some problems in your conjugal relations which can be resolved with patience and strategic thinking. The end of the week may bring some unexpected monetary gains. 


Sagittarius sign people are likely to make some gains on account of their father. You are likely to develop misunderstandings and have heated exchange with people because of your harsh speech and rude conduct. You must take caution against that. Your financial condition will remain stable this week. You may have to make some expenses on getting some kind of medical treatment. Your valour will be in its best form this week. You may remain worried about your mother’s or sister’s health. 


Capricorn sign people will enjoy the bliss of familial comfort and the warmth of relationships. Business people may implement the plan of starting a new trade or expanding their work in a new territory. Your life partner is likely to make some solid gains. Your health will improve significantly and your energy levels will remain high. You may resolve the problem of limited income to a certain extent. Students will face some serious obstacles and problems. 


Aquarius sign people will have to lead a helter-skelter existence this week in the context of professional assignments. However, if you travel out of the city, it will prove to be productive. Your health stars indicate some problem so you must remain attentive. Your life partner will cooperate with you in all the aspects and also help you in doing your work. You must remain cautious that your mother doesn’t get hurt because of your rude conduct or suffers a loss on account of your callous behaviour. Pending payments will get cleared very suddenly. 


Pisces sign people will make gains on account of their offspring. This will be a week of making achievements on the professional front. You will emerge successful in your efforts to earn some extra money. Students will get some excellent results in their exams this week. All the obstacles in your way, posed by governmental rules and regulations, will get cleared. Your health will be in amazing form and there will be bliss and exciting ethos at home. 

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