Weekly Horoscope (May 3 to 9): Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Libra; See what's in store for the upcoming week

Weekly Horoscope, May 3 to 9, 2021: Check out the astrology prediction for the coming week for your zodiac signs right here.
Pinkvilla Weekly Horoscope May 3 to May 9 predictions. Weekly Horoscope (May 3 to 9): Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Libra; See what's in store for the upcoming week.
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Who needs to be cautious at the beginning of the week and who shall make monetary and other gains at the end? Will you have to travel suddenly? Monetary gains and stress are the dominant themes this week. Read your weekly horoscope to find out the possibilities and some advice you need to keep in mind for a smooth week. 


Aries sign people will have to slog throughout the week on the work front. There will be some problems related to your parents. You will get excellent results in income-related matters. You will make gains on account of your elder brother and friends. If your offspring was dealing with a problem, it will get resolved. You might set out on a journey and spend a considerable amount on it.  



Taurus sign people will get auspicious results on the work front. You are likely to get promoted in your job. Your routine comforts will increase significantly. A minor health issue might keep you irked throughout the week. Some of your work may remain pending because of your laidback attitude and sluggishness. Your daily income is set to remain high. Your friend’s support will be useful. 



Gemini sign people are likely to be faced with physical discomforts and emotional challenges during the initial few days. Pending payments are likely to be cleared. Your work will get completed easily on account of your valour. You may purchase a new apartment this month. Those who are looking for a new job or want to start a new business may succeed in their efforts. Your familial life will remain harmonious. 



Cancer sign people will have to cope with marital discord and emotional disharmony. This will be an average week for salaried people. Business people will face challenges and obstacles in the first half. You must arrive at decisions about the issues related to your associates only after analysing the situation carefully. Your stars indicate the likelihood of severe stomach infections so you must take adequate care. A sudden monetary gain is possible. If your offspring is facing a problem, it will get resolved. 



Leo sign people will remain hassled on account of health problems and heightened expenses. The week shall bring great results in the workplace. Business people will make solid gains. Your familial and marital life will remain good. You may make sudden monetary gains. Keep away from unnecessary speculations and pessimistic thoughts. 



Virgo sign people will start the week with some dilemmas and nagging thoughts. The extreme bout of lethargy will create serious obstacles in your way. You must avoid that. Take care of your offspring’s health very consciously. Things will remain normal in the workplace. The last few days of the week will bring some relief from your struggles and also the opportunities of monetary gains. Exercise restraint over your expenses. 



Libra sign people will have to cope with some problems and stress during the initial days of the week. The middle of the week shall bring monetary gains as well as the bliss of a baby’s love. This will be a productive week for business people. You may remain stressed about your mother’s health.  Take care of your health as unnecessary analysis will trouble you. Your brother and life partner will be supportive. 



Scorpio sign people will remain sluggish throughout the week. The week is likely to begin on a tense note but things will improve as the days go by. You may spend time redecorating the interiors of your house. You will feel a surge of emotions towards your month. A sudden monetary gain is possible this week. Your life partner will be affectionate and helpful in making gains. Things will remain normal in the workplace. 



Sagittarius sign people are likely to pick up conflicts with their family members. You may remain worried about your financial condition as the funds may appear dwindling. The middle of the week and onwards will bring the opportunities of making some solid gains. You will do all your routine work with great excitement. Things will remain normal in the workplace. You must exercise restraint over your speech. 



Capricorn sign people are likely to make sudden monetary gains. Your relations with your family members will be harmonious. This will be a favourable week for all your financial concerns and endeavours. A misunderstanding is possible between you and your life partner. Do not allow any kind of stress to grow over you. Exercise restraint over your speech. The end of the week will bring gains.



Aquarius sign people will have to do a lot of running around in the workplace. The initial days of the week may keep your expenses high and will be a phase of other problems too. Things will improve once the middle of the week is over. You may even be honoured on the professional front. You will get new projects that will be gainful. Your health problems will abate. Your marital and familial life will remain good. 



Pisces sign people will have to work very hard to make monetary gains. Your health will improve significantly. There will be favourable situations in the workplace and professional or occupational stress will reduce tremendously. You must be cautious enough to avoid and conflict with your offspring and brother. Your expenses are likely to increase this week. A journey may get planned and executed spontaneously. 

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Anonymous I am a capricorn I'm easily stressed out even right now. When all my problems will be over so I can be happy again.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a Pisces. Want to know more

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a Capricorn and I'm very bad at finding the right person for me because when I admit that I love the person it's often too late

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a scorpio, will there be happiness in my life in future with some big life In this time I don't know what do I need, what is the meaning of my life.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a Capricorn, I wish to know if I have foreign travel chances this year

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a capricorn too. And I get stressed a lot sometimes.... well mostly all the time

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am a Gemini, there is supposed to be romance for me. I would like to know more. Thanks.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

your wish will be fulfilled