Weekly Horoscope October 14 to October 20: Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Aries know your prediction for the week ahead

Weekly Horoscope October 14-20, 2019: Take a look at what your week will be like for zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Weekly Horoscope October 14 to October 20: Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Aries know your prediction for the week ahead
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Aries sign people might make good gains on account of their business dealings and transactions. You may get success in the efforts that you have been making to expand your business. You may try your hand in a new trade with the help your business associates. There will be opportunities in which your rank and reputation may rise. It is likely that a wish may get fulfilled today. This week will be excellent for those students who are engaged in the field of sports and health studies. Your familial and marital life will remain good. There might be a health-related problem towards the end of the week and also weakness or sluggishness. 


Taurus sign people will have to face difficulties in their workplace and routine life. There will be a situation of indecisiveness in the work-related matters. The week shall take you through ups and downs when it comes to health. Be cautious about people around you as somebody may hurt you. The single people may get good matrimonial proposals. A work-trip I indicated in the tars. Your familial life will be blissful. Stay away from the consumption of any kind of addictive substance during the week. 


Gemini sign people are likely to make gains from potent possibilities during the week. You may access new means for income generation. Things will be normal and go on smoothly in your business or job. You may enjoy the bliss of a fun trip. You may spend money over a religious trip. Your child will fetch you gains. Those who wish for a child may find their prayers being heard. You may have to deal with domestic issues towards the end of the week. Your anger and irritability may rise. 


Cancer sign people will enhance the luxuries and comforts around themselves. Your seniors shall bless you. The salaried people shall get more than usual success in their tasks. The possibilities may arise in the job in favour of a rise in your rank. Students may get good results in the exams that they may have attempted recently. You shall be blessed by your mother and also enjoy the bliss of child’s affection. There will be gratification in familial provisions and comforts. Your health may deteriorate towards the end of the week. There will be likelihood of journeys and your expenses may remain towards the higher side. You need to remain cautious during the journeys.  


Leo sign people will receive a piece of good news which will make them mentally elated and happy. You might meet new people which shall prove useful in extracting occupational gains. You will enjoy the bliss of your siblings’ love. The salaried people may expect a promotion to a higher rank or proposals for a new job with a higher pay scale. Students will have to put in the extra effort. You may remain worried about your offspring’s health and behaviour. Money shall flow in very suddenly. 


Virgo sign people will be bothered by health-related problems so they may feel under-confident about themselves. Your relations with your father may get spoiled because of your rashness. The salaried people may have to work overtime and put in extra effort in the workplace. You need to maintain coordination with your seniors even if it appears a painful task. There will be some relief during the middle of the week. Your plans to buy a land or vehicle may suffer a blow. Your familial ethos will be harmonious. The week shall bring good results for students. 


Libra sign people will find a wish coming true this week. Things will be favourable in the workplace. Your mind will function with its best ability and efficiency. Its catch power will be enhanced. There will be a significant improvement in your financial condition. The week will be beneficial for writing or literary activities. You will spend a blissful time with the family. You may spend money on your life partner or offspring. You are advised to keep away from lethargy and unnecessary tensions. You may plan a trip during the week. 


Scorpio sign people will have to deal with health-related problems. You will remain worried about money-related issues. You will engage in deep speculation over the benefits and gains that you are deriving from the efforts made by you. You may eat out and set out for fun outings with your friends. The week will bring in gains for business people. You may have to travel for work. There will be a sudden excessive expenditure towards the end of the week. Maintain strict control over your anger and speech towards the end of the week else you may spoil your things at the final moment. 


Sagittarius sign people will make solid gains during the week. You will run around to augment your income. You may do something substantial for the well-being of common people and social networks. You will get the cooperation of your colleagues and seniors in the workplace. The business people will have to do much running around throughout the week. Students shall receive good news. You may remain tensed during the end of the week. You will either pick up a conflict with your spouse or remain worried about his/her health.


Capricorn sign people will be hassled by mental tensions. Your health also might become vulnerable. You need to be mindful of what you eat else you may have to suffer a severe attack of food poisoning. This will be an excellent week for the salaried people. You may make gains on account of your father. You may get some monetary benefits in the middle of the week. Students will get an excellent result of their hard work. Your expenditure will remain high. You must drive carefully as there are indications of getting injured. The consumption of any addictive substance will prove harmful. 


Aquarius sign people will find their work picking up speed as a result of the support of positive stroke of luck. Things will move smoothly. You will get good results in your job or business. You will get the opportunities to make gains at the beginning of the week. Your health will be in pink of the week. You need to take care of your child and mother’s health as that will emerge as an area of concern. The week shall bring several challenges for students. You will establish good rapport and coordination with your family members. If there has been a marital crisis, it will get resolved during the week.  


Pisces sign people will make gains on account of their speech as it will be influential. You will work very hard in the workspace and get success. You must establish coordination with your colleagues in the workplace. Somebody’s indecent behaviour may hurt your emotions. You will get success in the running around for the work-related target. You will be happy on account of an amount that may come your way. There will be come confusions and mental dilemmas at the end of the week. Do not take any important decision at the end of the week. A stomach-infection may bother you.

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