Weekly Horoscope (October 4 to 10): Cancer, Leo, Libra; See what's in store for the upcoming week

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Weekly Horoscope (October 4 to 10): Cancer, Leo, Libra; See what's in store for the upcoming week

High profit in business, favourable conditions on the work front and health issues are the themes that characterise this week. What do stars foretell for you out of these? Read your weekly forecast to know. 



Aries ascendant sign people are likely to remain very confident, enthusiastic and energetic towards life and their work. Conditions will remain favourable for making monetary gains. Keep yourself away from unnecessary conversations. Students are likely to succeed in their endeavours. Conditions will remain favourable in the workplace. You will make gains in your business deals. The end of the week may bring the possibility of physical discomfort. 



Taurus sign people will face some problems at the beginning but the remaining week will be positive and productive. You will make gains on account of your offspring and also receive some good news related to their activities. There will be warmth and harmony in your marital life. You will maintain an upper hand over your enemies. Traders are likely to face some problems with their associates towards the end of the week.


Gemini sign people will feel very happy on account of getting desired results in their job but business people will have to put in a lot of extra effort. Your pending tasks will pick up speed. This will be an excellent week for health concerns. Journeys will get planned and expenditure will have to be made to purchase the items of luxury and comfort. You may remain stressed over something this week.



Cancer sign people will succeed in their efforts to make money. Your confidence to negotiate professional tasks will be at a higher than usual level. Conditions will remain normal in the workplace. Take care of your mother’s health. If you have to make decisions related to property, you must think carefully and wisely. Students are likely to face some problems at the end of the week. There will be an inflow of money. 



Leo sign people will get good results in the workplace. If you have been facing problems on the work front, they will all get resolved. Your savings are likely to increase significantly. You will succeed in your projects on account of your valour. You are likely to meet some new people who will help you in your work. There will be strong and several chances of making monetary gains throughout the week. Maintain caution on the health front towards the end of the week.



Virgo sign people will have to run around during the initial days of the week. Your familial and marital life will be excellent. You will get positive results on the work front. The inflow of money will enhance your financial standing and stability. Some of your projects may get stuck on account of your lethargy at the end of the week, so try to be prompt. 



Libra sign people will make some solid gains at the beginning of the week. Your expenses are set to remain high. An official trip is likely to get planned and undertaken this week. People will remain supportive on the work front. Your familial and marital life will remain blissful. If you have been looking for a job, you may get a lucrative offer. Your thought process will become positive and you will regain hope. 



Scorpio sign people are likely to make monetary gains in abundance. You will surely get some benefit from your brother and friends as the likelihood is strong. You shall also receive a luxurious gift. Salaried folks are likely to get positive results. Avoid any kind of banter with your life partner. You may plan a journey at the end of the week. You will also make some significant expenses. 



Sagittarius sign people will get auspicious results in their projects. You will be heavily tilted towards some religious activities. Your marital life will be of high quality and your life partner’s support will prove useful in several things. The week will remain highly beneficial when it comes to monetary issues. Students will get appropriate results from their hard work. Your relations with your offspring will get harmonious.  



Capricorn sign people will  make solid gains on account of a favourable stroke of luck. The week shall bring some physical discomforts and health issues. Conditions will remain favourable in the workplace. Salaried folks are likely to get promoted to a higher post. A change in place is possible on the work front. You may get new means of earning money. This will be a favourable period for students. You will maintain a congruous approach with that of your life partner. 



Aquarius sign people may suffer from a health issue. You will have to deal with an excessive workload during the first few days. Your relatives and loved ones will be supportive throughout the week. Your confidence will soar high. Your brother will be a source of comfort and gain. A social ceremony is possible. You will spend money to purchase luxurious items. There will be enhanced love between married partners. 



Pisces sign people will face health issues this week especially, muscular and skeletal pain. Business people are likely to make gains this week and make achievements. Your familial life will remain normal, but your life partner will remain irritable and short-tempered. Salaried folks are advised to maintain a congruous approach with that of their senior officers. There will be some running around to do in the context of work. You will make gains on account of your in-laws. 

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