Weekly Love Horoscope April 10th -16th, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Here's the love insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus by Daksh Kakkar.

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Love horoscope
Weekly Love Horoscope April 10th -16th, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.


Single- It's not about perfect and finding what works best for you. A new phase starts in your life as challenging times are over and step into creative energy

Relationship –It's getting beautifully colored week with a date planned and nourishing the beauty from within. Potential to shine on physical and emotional energy.

Complicated- Truth in the heart can't be hidden in plain sight for long, acknowledge the innermost feelings and write a letter to express and attract more love

Song- Tere ban jayunga.

Shopping Color- Mahogany


Single- As you make significant progress in your life, the universe will make certain changes you're ready for a breakthrough and know you're wise enough

Relationship- Even if no one else knows about it, will they be true and supportive and reconsider if you're in a position to judge them and go through a testing time

Complicated- You're a better person, so riding on a higher horse can be justified at this point in time. The heavier load falls upon you to heal first.

Song- Tujhe kitna chahne lage

Shopping color- Navy blue


Single- Trust your intuition and your inner feelings about things especially when things aren't adding up. Logic and planning is the only way to your heart.

Relationship- love is shining like stardust so fall deeper in love even if it feels selfish. Your life mission is to happily be you and fall in love with the soulmate

Complicated- We cannot always understand why things are the way they're, understand your purpose. Take up yoga to eradicate the stuck emotions.

Song- Filhall- Akshay Kumar

Shopping color- seaweed


Single- Never repent for being honest even if it doesn't go down well with others. A desiring real story is more engaging than fighting the oblivion

Relationship- There is healing happening, more freedom and acceptance happening, a truth is sooner than expected to be revealed for you to connect better

Complicated-Someone judging the lie doesn't justify their action, a lot of manipulative people are around you. You're a sensitive soul

Song- Khairiyat by Arijit S.

Shopping color- Fire red


Single- Divine things happen at divine timings, a lot of external expectation is required to be balanced. Pursuit your dream and ambitions with patience.

Relationship- You are capable of great accomplishment in this lifetime if honesty is followed, rather than fighting against each other to see what is working for you.

Complicated- You push yourself to exhaustion and must conserve your energy to maintain your stamina. Forcing resistance creates medicinal hurdles.

Song- Dil mein tum ho

Shopping color- Wine


Single- Your ability to love yourself and empowerment is maturing, as you learn that real beauty is above emotional games. You're more attractive than you think.

Relationship- If others try to control you through their opinions, know it is their issue. Others will be attracted to your true radiance and enjoy yourself

Complicated- Love can't be used as a tool for manipulation to get away and know it's dishonorable. Be open and direct in asking the real questions.

Song- Tum hi aana

Shopping color- Marigold


Single-the exact help that you need at the exact time you need it will appear, you'll have the attracted resources out of nothing. Don't overexert yourself

Relationship- Direct your attention and trust towards unconditional loving and find a getaway. Find the willingness to get things together.

Complicated- Seemingly impossible tasks are coming to a haul as you find progression. Take up a new course or knowledge and skills

Song- Tera hua- Atif

Shopping Color- Lilac


Single- You're discovering about love and its real potential along with self-love, learn to break free from a broken past. Don't let shame and guilt be a barrier for you.

Relationship- A new love and devotion will fulfill your heart and transform the quality of your connection. Have faith inability to love and power of the heart.

Complicated- Things that are not good for you know that are not true, don't let negativity threaten to put you down. Speak up from a place of feminine power.

Song- O saath re

shopping color- Moss green


Single- Love yourself to feel empowered and rise as your loveliness shouldn't be overshadowed and let yourself feel good about yourself.

Relationship-Warmth is the medicine for your soul and don't let anyone be a pawn in love. Even if quietly spoken your truth has the impact of the roar.

Complicated- Don't be afraid to claim what is yours even if it's peace of mind with confidence. Live your life in the open without any need to hide.

Song-Pal pal dil ke pass

Color- Fuschia


Single- Free yourself from a painful criticism or judgement held against you as no one holds the right to condemn you. Learn to grow with mistakes along the way.

Relationship- Realising that you don't have to be perfect to be pure of heart and deserve respect and kindness. Accept and breathe in the fragrance of love.

Complicated- human error you make throughout your lives can be forgiven only to heal your own self. Bring in the power of redemption and struggle to overcome difficulties

Song- Sanam re

Color- Ivory


Single- Be uncompromising with your heart's wisdom. Don't allow anyone to make you feel like you should change not even a tiny bit.

Relationship- there is not a recipe for happiness and fulfillment but an emotion to be felt. Be a daring dreamer and loving rebellious visionary

Complicated- You can choose what you wish to be, and share a vision with the universe. Use the power of positive words or affirmation in order to achieve manifestation.

Song- Mera tera pyar hu

Shopping color- Chocolate


Single- Don't hold yourself back to make anyone feel comfortable. Living a great life is not a competition but giving yourself the permission to live freely.

Relationship-Inspiration to be together comes from within and go after what you want with a happy heart. Listen to your heart to make things

Complicated- Has your heart been urging you to take the stand and take action. You are learning to take pride in yourself

Song- Ve maahi

Color- Pine

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