Weekly Love Horoscope June 12th -18th, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Here's the love insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus by Daksh Kakkar.

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Love insight
Weekly Love Horoscope June 12th -18th, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus
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Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.



Single-As you try to feel light try some color therapy to allow healing to take place and know you're in a safe place in life

 Relationship – Let your body, mind, and soul be treated as a temple and allow yourself to be pampered.

Complicated- there are memories of the past where you're again and again returning for reweaving of energy to balance this relationship

Song- Rangisari.

Shopping Color- Sky color


Single- Decisions are made when you decide your own path, just focus on making future plans and not on the past.

Relationship-You're being shown where this relationship is headed as glimpses are given in form of dreams and dwell for future expectations

Complicated-Cut ethereal cords with someone from the past as cord-cutting is required and ensure your work meeting is not affected.

Song- Tere bin kya

Shopping color- Greenery


Single- Your compassion is what awakens the real sense of compassion within you and you're guided by mother nature for better days

Relationship-  You're being allowed to feel the pure love and compassion along with sensual moments through the connection of the heart

Complicated-The rainbow energy surrounding you is profound and it denotes hope and new energy

Song- Akhiaan na akhyiaan

Shopping color-Brown


Single- You have discovery made from the past which has given you life lessons so learn from them and make a better decisions

Relationship- Some relations are so precious that they must be completely protected but not hurt others in the process.

Complicated- There is turbulence at office work and revelation helps in making better decisions and teachings.

Song- Is this that feeling

Shopping color- Aqua blue



Single-  Reclaim what's yours and take a vacation to some relics and relive the good moments of your life.

Relationship- You're trying to find the meaning within their hidden words and trying to revive this relationship

 Complicated- You are reminded to work towards humanity even if it seems a like pothole and cherish the future more.

Song- Naughty Balam

Shopping color- White


Single- You have put others before yourself but now its time to bring in cosmic wisdom and feel light within your own self

Relationship- Before you stand decisions where maybe trust is broken but a chance of restoring and rebuilding is also given

Complicated- you're advised to take care of your own health and just focus on wellbeing and not yourself be broken.

Song- Oh Isha.

Shopping color- Violet


Single-You're being guided toward the truth about past events and revelations are helping you feel ecstasy.

Relationship- there are within this world certain characteristics that make your relationship unique and magickal, don't forget those.

Complicated- All people have a few good & bad qualities, just accumulate to feel rested and rise until you feel re-energized.

Song- Pyaar nibhaana

Shopping Color- Orange hue


Single- There has not been transparency in past but don't feel the future would hold the same and it's okay to be delicate.

Relationship- Amidst the storm there are standing pillars of trust within you and within the walled-up emotions remember to cheer up

Complicated- dance and protect your sense of fragility as you have nothing to prove to anyone and feel safe within.

Song-mausam hai pyaar

Shopping color- Grey



Single- Cleansing from the past helps you rise like a phoenix and feel like angels are guiding you as blessings.

Relationship-Know that universe is with you for that stability you're searching for and you're taken care of by your guardian angels.

Complicated- Just know you're protected and blessed by the universe and don't let tears break you inside.

 Song- Voodoo

Color- Fire yellow


Single-A new beginning is being shown as initiating a new step forward and taking one thing at a time.

Relationship-Beneath all this confusion know that what aurora fills you with wonder and awe and lies.

Complicated- Emerging from the past as one and intact is difficult and knowing that you originate from a past form.

Song- Barsaat.

Color- Aurora


Single-Messages from the universe are being shown in form of dreams and just channel your inner voice to feel light.

 Relationship- This week comes as a new guide and little spiritual guidance is also being given indirectly.

Complicated-Come out to speak out your voice and emotions and take up a new activity and try something sacred.

 Song- DNA of love

Shopping color- Pink



Single-the authority of anyone doesn't hold any power over you, just feel that you're internally more powerful.

Relationship- There are many entrances and gateways you might feel like taking but know you must speak it out rather than seeking an exit.

Complicated- This is your chance to fully realize the beauty and potential of a new day and cannot always be this diminished.

Song- Dil ne

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