Weekly Love Horoscope June 19 - 25, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.

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Read to know the weekly love horoscope
Weekly Love Horoscope June 19 - 25, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of the rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with the moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.


Single- Your patience is being tested as a lot of different people are trying to make an impression on you.

Relationship – Surviving as you watch out for opportunities and resurface for better times ahead.

Complicated- A lot of things are hidden in your heart, it's best to choose wisely and let no old emotions get better of you.

Song- Raatan lambiyan

Shopping Color- green


Single- might have felt that a sense of defensiveness within you for a while, but know you're self-reliant

Relationship-It might feel as if the other does not care what one thinks but things seem to fall in order soon.

Complicated-When something appears in your life you can borrow some me-time and untether yourself from society from expectations

Song- Ranjha

Shopping color- Black


Single- when the time swoops into your life, it brings a message of transition, and change is hinted at.

Relationship- While it might symbolize stagnation in a relationship but also know it depicts renew sense is required.

Complicated-a lot of family communication is required to combat the changes in the family too and to be an empath

Song- Doobey

Shopping color-Blue


Single- when dreams indicate a sign, it also depicts that you just need the courage to overcome some stagnation.

Relationship- Your guides can also appear when others need your help and bring the courage to face this situation together.

Complicated- You're wise and you're asked to let guidance be heard and not let be held back on a decision.

Song- Meri jaan

Shopping color- Brown


Single- Now is the time to be productive as creativity is helping you to overcome the hurdle, and take up a new activity.

Relationship- Your guides are telling you to expect to feel energy  and motivation on a new level  as things unfold

Complicated-It's time to get things done but you may not be able to do it all alone, so seeking assistance is okay.

Song- Barsaat ki Dian

Shopping color- Beige


Single-Productivity is a key theme as new opportunities are opening up for you and abundance is shown.

Relationship- While it seems caught up in work as of now but you're advised to balance your work and this relationship

Complicated- you're advised to this downtime as might have created a lot of confusion but happiness is around.

Song- Mann Bharya

Shopping color- Yellow


Single- While the mind might feel like it's gone to war and confrontation happening around but try to stay neutral.

Relationship- A lot of strength and fierceness are shown in the relationship as the other may be over dominating you.

Complicated-Face your problem head-on and with confidence and have the courage to be a leader you have to go thru difficult times.

Song-    Kabhii tumhe

Shopping Color- Grey


Single- Already have sacrificed too much, now is the time to be confident and not feel aggressive in past.

Relationship- You'll be able to balance this relationship as long as you remember the goal for yourself no matter how long it takes.

Complicated- Your energy is filled with confidence and the message that you're getting is being helped has been your biggest strength.

Song-Mere yaara

Shopping color- Red


Single- Your life feels like a butterfly, nothing is going to stay the same for long, and transformation is seen for good.

Relationship-this little period of joy that also asks you to look at the areas of your life as better things approach.

 Complicated- Your life and personalities need profound change and good fortune can be made with the new time

Song- mast nazron se

Color- crimson red


Single- Stand tall and be proud of yourself for what you have reached so far, just be confident in your approach.

Relationship-This message tells you to be proud and know love also has proven of good standing partners at times

Complicated- There are bright, energetic times ahead, and not be afraid to draw attention to yourself as

Song- chaand baliyaan

Color- Orange


Single- You're shown to be what it means to be fiercely independent and search for your totem animal.

 Relationship- You're getting what you want even if the speed seems slow and just be decisive and confident.

Complicated- Might feel that there is aggression but also depicts that luck is on your side and be curious

Song- mere Yara

Shopping color- Purple


Single- Your patience is being tested and the situation might feel as camouflaged and might require you to slow down.

Relationship- To bring in the magic, just planning a romantic time and attention details to upcoming celebration would help.

Complicated- watch your steps as you will see someone is keeping tabs on every movement of yours.

Song- Tere Bin

Shopping color- Aqua blue

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