Weekly Love Horoscope June 5th -11th, 2022: Here's the insight for Aries, Virgo, and Taurus

Having been stuck in generic SUN SIGN prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by Moon SIGN. In love, we seek the VENUS SIGN & we take on the role of RISING SIGN. So Just Google your VENUS SIGN along with Moon SIGN to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.

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Know the weekly love horoscope here
Weekly Love Horoscope June 5th -11th, 2022: Here's the insight for Aries, Virgo, and Taurus

Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of the rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with the moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.


Single-A new chapter in your life is around the corner, remove fear and embrace the unknown to feel better

Relationship – Don't let the darkness of the past hold back any new memory and be able to remember the good memories.

Complicated- It's a message from the universe not to let fear about the future and old experiences hold you back and see the light.

Song- Lag ja gale.

Shopping Color- Aqua Blue.


Single- Self-criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth, so to feel accomplished see your cherished moments

Relationship- A moment of compassion is being reflected and more importantly towards your own self and then partner for love.

Complicated- At the core of your living soul, you know love exists so it is important to express self-love and gratification

Song- Tip tip

Shopping color- Violet


Single- Your intuitive and inner voice abilities are getting strong at present and for a reason, you felt lonely at the time.

Relationship-  Your angels are guiding you to look into your own intuition to solve the current rising problems and you'll see thru things

Complicated- Abstain from any heated arguments and you are being urged to pay particular attention to what you feel

Song- Meere yaara

Shopping color-Orange Hue


Single- Someone is not revealing part of the story and just trusts your feelings over what others say and feel confident within own.

Relationship- Hold your vision to help you see through this particular situation that is affecting your life at present.

Complicated- There is more to the current situation than meets the eyes and just not feeling aloof or low at any point.

Song- Raatan lambiyan

Shopping color- Teal.


Single-  Honour and give thanks for the blessings you are about to receive and things not working in favor are also an opportunity.

Relationship-you'll be about to receive a substantial change of love and nature of your spouse or better half with a stream of luck.

Complicated- You are asked to keep your faith intact and you are being asked to stay strong in this storm-like situation.

Song- O mere dil ke chain

Shopping color- Black


Single- You are currently undervaluing yourself and it's time to regain your self-worth to keep going forward.

Relationship- Feeling underappreciated in the relationship can take a toll on each other and don't feel disheartened by tough times.

 Complicated- You're so much more than what you are portraying to the world and those around you as you're soul searching.

 Song- Pachtaoge

Shopping color- Pink


Single-A steady flow of abundance is about to manifest as your constant efforts will soon be recognized.

Relationship- You're being bestowed upon with special blessings upon you as constant troubles clear out and understanding is pacified.

Complicated- Accept this blessing of light and allow it to flow through your heart and mind; allow it to both.
Song- Tum hi aana
Shopping Color-Crimson Red.


Single- This is the time of positive transformation and healing so as not to be impacted by people around you.

Relationship- You are protected and loved by God and the many angels that surround you right now to pacify the love between you two.

 Complicated- the Divine is here to help, support, and heal you until you're ready to pick yourself up and smile big.

Shopping color- Brown


Single- An exciting new chapter in your life Is about to unfold as you clear out your hope and fear to make a better life.

 Relationship- A new change in life and relationship phase is also about to unfold as the sensuous sense awakens.

Complicated-Over the coming weeks you will begin to feel a sense of renewed clarity, purpose, and direction.

Song- Mere dil bhi kitna pagal

Color- Fire yellow


Single- The angels surround both you and your family at the moment and understanding improves if patience is shown.

Relationship- Don't worry about your loved one for all will work out and if there's a misunderstanding that'll clear out.

Complicated- Feel the love and light of the divine and angels, as you feel safe within your own space and feel comfortable.

Song- Pal pal dil ke pass

Color- Golden


Single-Something wondrous and magical is about to happen just try to stay positive and feel the joyfulness.

 Relationship- This is a time to celebrate and appreciate all that you have achieved to date by helping each other out.

Complicated-Look back on certain moments and give thanks for all your experiences, even the setbacks that you have experienced are teaching from divine

 Song- Pyaar karte ho na

Shopping color- Grey


Single- An idea connected to imagination, creativity, and nature is coming your way as you connect with earth and nature's energy.

Relationship- The energy of the duo is strong within you at present and it reflects the nature of your relationship.

Complicated-  Reflect on the fertile ground of your imagination and the infinite power of creativity that you possess within you.

Song- Pyaar karte ho na

Color- Green

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