Weekly Love Horoscope May 16th -21st, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Here's the weekly love insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus by Daksh Kakkar.

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Weekly love horoscope
Weekly Love Horoscope May 16th -21st, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus
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Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.



Single-A new journey seems to happen to be permanent in your life and sadness seems to be a thing of the past.

Relationship –A little challenge might come up and separation for a few with challenges for a few but only to realize self-worth

Complicated- Always connected with people around that its normal to miss someone who was once dear to you

Song- Tera Saath ho- Guru R

Shopping Color- Tan


Single- Reflect the beauty within you and a gracious moment of help in form of money support might also come

Relationship- Confusion and trouble in your life might seem to be near but clarity will come from within than outside

Complicated- Confusion is a result of scattered energy and constant overthinking can make it seem like a struggle

Song- Mast Nazron se

Shopping color- Aqua


Single-A light of creation is like the healing power of love for you and your wishes will also come true

Relationship-reflect upon the decisions that have been till now but now you'll be eternally bright and it'll be special

 Complicated- Know your worth and know you're much more than a physical existence and eternally linked to divine

Song- Dhokebaaz

Shopping color-Yellow



Single- Bring your awareness from the external world to the world within you and learn breathing technique

Relationship- if you keep swindling in past, it'll only bring forward old sad memories of Exes but rethink memories together

Complicated- Though you may not understand now but know everything happens for a reason as a soul has chosen to evolve

Song- Boli tujhse

Shopping color- Green


Single- Abundance comes to you naturally and you're in a state of creation with help of manifestation.

Relationship- In every heart there's purity but it seems clouded and filled with human drama along with thinking times.

Complicated- Do not feel or see yourself as isolating or separating from the world but know it's a part of the process

 Song- Jaa rahe ho

Shopping color- Red


Single- Like an angel wing know you're being guided and shine even amid storms with hope in a situation

Relationship- Awaken the sensuality of the relationship along with the child within you and keep yourself happy.

Complicated-  Follow your heart and don't give up hope, even though you're facing some setbacks and truth be revealed.

Song- Main royaan

Shopping color- Beetroot Red



Single- You're in a dreamy state and a bit difficult to cope but know it attaches you to universe connection too.

Relationship- Your mind is trying to contain the and handle the situation but hold onto a comprehensible part of the situation

Complicated- Need a logical perspective without any guilt in your heart and feel & detachment is also correct

Song- rehnaa hai tere pass

Shopping Color-Pink


Single- The healing is connected to the relationship of the past and probably still juggling for a currently

Relationship- to revive relationship, first self-love and than trying to fix the situation and not be hard on yourself

Complicated- Feeling a sense of disappointment within own self can make expectations set wrong and make feel weak.

Song- kya yehi pyaar ha

Shopping color- Green


Single-  Believe in yourself and know you're a wonder of creation and wash away the fears you have built

Relationship-Allow all around you to just be themselves and let go and trust on each-other to restart.

Complicated- There might be a struggling moment as fire within but know the passion for a new project is more worthy

Song- tabahi

Color- Crimson Turquoise


Single- Maybe longing to be someone from the past once again but don't give into the temptation and know your worth

Relationship- No in love there's no separation only rough patches perhaps due to physical distance and miscommunication

 Complicated- Learn to make it about yourself and not live in an illusion of no one caring for you as you're loved.

Song- Naina mere

Color- Orange


Single-  Do visualization manifestation technique and often do breathing mediation technique to overcome stress

Relationship- Introspection seems to be surrounded to shed some light on peace and feel complete

Complicated-Keep faith in your dreams and pursue your goal without feeling the burn of any past events

Song- Kuch baatein

Shopping color- White



Single- Don't feel restricted by anyone's behavior and look at a new project coming your way with recognition

 Relationship- trying to make sense of every part of your life like a jigsaw puzzle while possessive could be an issue

Complicated- Don't restrict yourself and know your true divine purpose of mind, body, and souls

Song- candy

Color- Violet

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