Weekly Love Horoscope May 8-14, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Below, Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar offers his weekly love horoscope.

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Love horoscope
Weekly Love Horoscope May 8-14, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus
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Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.



Single- Spiritual growth is a lifelong process, as new skill makes way for you and knowledge follows for goals.

Relationship –Share feelings with each other and take time to breathe out as you practice visualizing for inner peace.

Complicated- Know what makes you happy, content, and in charge in your life as you're surrounded by fairies

Song- Nadaan Parinde

Shopping Color- Blue


Single- Meditation helps you clear mind chatter and overthinking from unnecessary thoughts to embrace peace.

Relationship- A shift in thinking will help to stop any limiting or negative thoughts, as you outgrow dark thoughts

Complicated- Breath in and ask yourself your body to relax, as you're creating a connection with your higher self

Song- Khwaobo ke parinde

Shopping color- Pink


Single-A change in your life Is coming so value its importance and don't be fearful of any past events

Relationship-Decide to be the charge in a relationship, as emotions are affecting your health, and know you don't have to go thru it alone.

Complicated- A higher perspective is shown as the wind changes direction and you understand the link between the spiritual and physical world

Song- Naina

Shopping color- Brown


Single- It's possible to be happy even if not every time but know you're managing to grow every day.

Relationship- A reason to be angry and feeling drained is shown but learning important lessons are learned.

Complicated- Scheduling your day ahead is better as sleep-deprived and catching up on Tv shows is pending.

Song- Aayat

Shopping color- Violet



Single- Don't make yourself starve for long and tiredness is being shown, focus your attention on relaxation.

Relationship- Take care of each other as a beloved and not let misunderstanding crop up again and luck is shown

Complicated- Self-confidence and perseverance bring in luck, and abundance for you and convey happy times ahead.

Song- Iktara

Shopping color- Blue


Single- Be more loving to yourself by listening to what your intuition tells you as you're merely a wish away.

Relationship- Charming times dangling between you two are shown and reminding you to be gentle, calm, and peaceful.

Complicated- Be more loving to yourself by listening to what your body tells you and get the salon treatment

Song- Phir se dil leye

Shopping color- Royal Blue


Single- Water is essential for your health and not let any problem uproar in body, improve on sleep.

Relationship- Your bonding relies on your support and a trip to nature is advised to have synchronicity back.

Complicated- You need some seclusion away from the hustle and bustle and need to manage your day-to-day routine.

Song- Sham

Shopping Color-Na


Single- Spend time with people who elevate you and help you see things from a fresh perspective and disengage from negative emotions.

Relationship- You can create so many positive shifts in your life as friends a reflection of our soul, to help you find lost love

Complicated- Release any guilt you may have about avoiding a person or a situation that doesn't feel right to you

Song- saibo

Shopping color- Green



Single-  Nothing ever stays the same and know you're constantly growing even if it seems challenging situation right now

Relationship- Take heart and trust things are already changing for the better, even though you can't see it happening right away.

Complicated- Changes are quick and some are gradual and once you agree to change and give up your resolve to resist.

Song- Sawaar Loon

Color- Crimson Turquoise


Single- Strong boundaries are necessary for you as you decide what you do and don't want in your life to heal

Relationship-If others are interfering with your well-being or impinging on your rel, then put your foot down and set them right

 Complicated- Make your workspace and home décor a space viable for rejuvenation and start living for yourself

Song- Khul Kabhi

Color- Orange


Single-  New beginning for a project is shown as time for TV Binge watching is still needed and planning.

Relationship- A lot of warm and fizzy emotions are being depicted but know to take care of your needs

Complicated- Take care of your health as you seem to be feeling under the weather and gym classes to be more frequent

Song- tum ho

Shopping color- Gold



Single-A love could resurface from the past as finances are being undermanaged and keep drinking water

Relationship- You're seeing a new start happen as moments of fights are over and hot warm hugs and kisses are long overdue.

Complicated- Never feel guilty for hearing your own feeling and knowing that you're doing it for yourself.

Song- Kabira

Color- Red

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