Weekly Love Horoscope Sept 11-17, 2022: Here's the insight for Libra, Leo, and Taurus

Let's find out your weekly love horoscope

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Love Horoscope
Love Horoscope

Having been stuck in generic Sun Sign prediction but never understood why, because emotions are depicted by Moon Sign. In love, we seek the VENUS SIGN & we take on the role of RISING SIGN. So Just Google your VENUS SIGN along with Moon SIGN to connect better. Let us find out more with Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.



Single- Overcome your negativity as affirmations could be helpful at this time.

Relationship: learn to appreciate the divine beauty of the relationship before it gets too late and knows you can share anything if you want to make it stable

Complicated- learn to appreciate the fact that you are worthy and recognise your inner conflicts.

Song- Keasariya

Shopping Color- Pink


Single- you are a source of inspiration for a lot of people so don’t undervalue yourself and just know that you have divine within you.

Relationship- With grace, everything can be turned around even in tough times and fight, just as long as the intention to keep going is alive.

Complicated- your pure heartedness is your greatest asset and you are being guided spiritually.

Song- Arabic Kuthu

Shopping Color- white


Single: a lot of abundances is shown for professional and personal life with options opening up and shall confess your feelings as well

Relationship- Centering yourself shall help you to understand the grassroots issues and why certain aspects are happening the way it is, just keep your thought process grounded

Complicated- you would be required to make a choice between an option you have been long avoiding, just learn to be confident and strong during this process.

Song- Levels

Shopping colour- Purple.


Single-pace yourself and set your priority right to make a success of your vision.

Relationship- be committed and connect to create a specialised bond like past ties and don’t need to shy away from events.

Complicated- many aspects are requiring you to make a hard choice but knowing without bias and without any judgement is the best choice.

Song- Summer high

Shopping Colour- Brown




single- complete renewal energy is seen in the coming week to help you raise your vibration and this will require you to flourish in the right direction.

Relationship- A lot of courage is required to ensure that truth is spoken at all costs no matter how hard it gets and confrontation shall also be required.

Complicated- release all or any negative emotions that don’t serve your purpose and know you are rising to a new mental growth level. 

Song- Mitti de tibbe

Shopping colour- Beige


Single- A correct action of the past also sets bars for the correct partner in future so don’t get hasty and know you are on the right path and guidance follows.

Relationship- Learn to appreciate and know stillness in a relationship can be turned around with a little spice-up activity.

Complicated- Your inner peace is being affected so just know being broken also affects your mental and physical emotional state.

Song- 295

Shopping colour- Blue


Single- Feistiness within you is seen and know a lot of factors have changed since then, so a new chance at old aspects can be given.

Relationship- you are being guided to the door of spiritual growth and your belief in each other is the only thing that can get each other through the feisty times.

Complicated- The greatest spiritual teacher on the inside, maybe reading novels, and podcasts can help you dig more into a new world altogether.

Song- Sami sami

Shopping Color- Yellow


Single- A lot of transition is shown while you also need to breathe and give yourself a break and break down your personal and professional work to feel energetic.

Relationship- you have to have courage In your heart to go through this together and a body change is also being depicted.

Complicated- victory is seen in any or new task that you have seen and need to align your thoughts and anger.

Song- Ra ra reddy

Shopping colour- Orange



Single- you are being led in a direction by a couple for the long run, you need to see the signs and understand the red flags too.

Relationship- you can range from no emotions to overwhelmed in a matter of seconds and just know that you are supported, don’t feel broken as you are on the right path.

Complicated-font wastes your energy on what could be or maybe, move on to the next opportunity and focus on an ace that opportunity in life.

Song- matak matak

Colour- Red.


Single- the universe asks you to be patient as its timing is perfect and you have something bigger planned for you.

Relationship- Confidence in each other and confiding in each other is a sign of long commitment, see same is shown or missing.

Complicated- Sow what you have reaped just know even in the hardest times you have the most beautiful discovery about now owns strength.

Song- Aafat

Colour- Golden.


Single- Just learn to be grateful for what you have and need to have a bigger heart to give and share what you felt is making you insecure, can be a past trauma too.

Relationship- it's time to reap what you have sown, as a beautiful time could be depicted if understanding each other is improved and more efforts are put into it.

Complicated- you have a lot of confidence and charisma and you also need to start believing in it too to feel complete once again

Song- Gypsy

shopping colour- Violet.


Single- you need to spread your wings and not feel guilty about anything that didn’t serve your purpose and need to be grounded to enjoy upcoming success.

Relationship: live, love and laughter can go a long way to ease out the information.

Complicated- conquering the odds can help you save any or all shortcoming s you feel you have e and make you an all-rounder and be more confident.

Song- coka 2.0

Shopping colour- Blue

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