Weekly Tarot (14th Feb to 20th Feb): See what the upcoming week has in store for Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Munisha Khatwani, a celebrity tarot card reader, is here today to explain what the cards have in store for your sun sign.

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Tarot card reading
Weekly Tarot (14th Feb to 20th Feb): See what the upcoming week has in store for Aries, Taurus, Gemini

The tarot tells stories about our life's cycles. Shuffling the deck, selecting cards, and arranging them in order reveals the various trials and tribulations we may face on any given journey. Munisha Khatwani, a celebrity tarot card reader, is here today to explain what the cards have in store for your sun sign.


Always remember the people who deserve to stay in your life are the ones that prove to you that they need you in yours. your mars planet is a little weak so you need to be careful as far as friends are concerned because there could be some hidden enemies.. there could also be some stomach related problems which you need to be careful of. the good news is that for those wanting to get into any sort of arranged marriage this is a good time for you to look into some options .   

Lucky colors : green / white 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 5 

Lucky day : Wednesday 


It feels like you are going through some sort of a grinding or rebirth since mercury retrograde was going on and for now it will still take a while to settle . You need to come up with some new ideas and options as far as managing your life and lifestyle in the lockdown situation. For those who have been wanting to travel some of you May be able to for whatever purpose but after the mid of the month . Some blocked money will only come through after a couple of weeks 

Lucky colors : pink / yellow 

Lucky numbers : 1 / 3 

Lucky day : Thursday 


You will be suddenly in the mood to come to a decision which has been pending for a a while says your cards . You have nothing but good energy around you as you give importance to your family and friends who have been around and have been supportive in all your decisions says your planet moon . You will be more interested in your personal life improving and in case  your away from your loved ones you will try to contact that person or meet that person .  

Lucky colors : blue / black 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 4 /7 

Lucky day : Friday


It’s rare that a good thing comes around very often and it looks like this week is very lucky for you. Something you rejected has come back into your life with a bang.As far as professional decisions are concerned you will be making the right decision and some of you might even start a new business.  

Lucky colors : white / blue 

Lucky numbers : 1 / 4 / 7 

Lucky day : Saturday 


Many of you will be looking at life in a new or different perspective says your cards. Now it's time to figure out those who want to change their jobs what is the final decision. Those who are looking to travel your planet Mercury is not in a favourable  position so there could be some delays on that aspect . For those going through some financial trouble you need to be patient.   

Lucky colors : yellow / red 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 5 

Lucky day : Wednesday 


It’s now a time for you to look at other options that are being presented to you and it’s now a time for a new adventure coming your way says your sun planet . It’s important to think of a new career move and look at the other details that you have been ignoring at the moment  says your planet Saturn . It’s also a time for think about new aspects regarding your personal life   

Lucky colors : 4 / 7 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 5 / 7 

Lucky day : Thursday 


Your schedule will be quite erratic this week and you will be quite drained trying to manage everything says your cards. Finances will be quite tough as certain payments get delayed and you are not sure how to cope with the extra expenses. A friend comes to your rescue. You need to look at other opportunities for your finances to get back 

Lucky colors: black / blue 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 5 

Lucky day : Sunday 

Scorpio  You may be thinking about what is the best plan of action as far as your work aspects are concerned but you should not make any hasty decision advises your cards and the stars. For those who are having some health issues it’s better that you don’t ignore the symptoms. For those who are looking for some change or improvements in your  relationships you need to bide your time for better results says the card of the world .  

Lucky colors : red / orange 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 5 / 7 

Lucky day : Tuesday 


Look outside the sun is shining joy for you says your cards. Jupiter planet has recently gotten stronger for you and that will surely benefit you.  The best is yet to come so it better for you to be a bit patient at the moment in case certain things are not working out. You need to work on your health this month  suggests your cards . You also need to find some different avenues and then pursue some hobbies 

Lucky colors : yellow / black 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 4 

Lucky day : Saturday 


It’s now or never to take that leap of faith for something important that you have been delaying in your life . It is also important that you try and be more positive about your health and fitness this week . Mercury is still in shadow period but it will move out on the 23rd  Feb  so you will be feeling some respite with that . Money matters will be better this week says your cards .  

Lucky colors : red / blue 

Lucky numbers : 4 /6 

Lucky day : Monday 


You need to be positive as far as your love life is concerned. you have got the card of the lovers which means there is a potential for those wanting a relationship but you will need to make sure your energies are positive or you might even drive the relationship away says your planet Jupiter . Mercury is still in its shadow. Period so certain things might take a little time to get resolved .  

Lucky colors : pink / white 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 4 

Lucky day : Thursday 


Sometimes it is better not to count your chickens before they hatch and this week this is the advice given to you. you need to wait for the right moment and when things are better you will be able to see things more clearly. as far as your sun planet is concerned it is well placed which helps you in your career gains but only in the near future.  you will see some positive changes in your career for the better and some might even go abroad to study or to pursue a new job but there is still a waiting period . finances will take some time to get better  

Lucky colors: green / orange 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 5 / 7 

Lucky day : Sunday 

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