Weekly Tarot (24 to 30 January): See what the upcoming week has in store for Aries, Leo, Taurus

here is celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani to give you an insight on what the cards have in store for your zodiac sign.

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tarot card reader
Weekly Tarot (24 to 30 January): See what the upcoming week has in store for Aries, Leo, Taurus
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We get to see the silver linings, the life lessons and the insights from our experiences, but what if you could skip ahead and see that for yourself now for the next few days to come? To get a sneak-peek of the same, we have celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani to give you an insight on what the cards have in store for your sun sign.

aries zodiac

You will need to learn to deal with some things a little better than what the  current situation is .  It’s a good time for you to think about your future and your security in terms of your finances says your planet Jupiter . You are in the mood to help someone who you have not been as privileged as you says your cards . It’s time for you to return a favour you have been thinking of returning for a while.  
Lucky colors : white / yellow 
Lucky numbers : 3 / 7 
Lucky day of the week : Thursday 
You are not thinking straight regarding certain opportunities and your career choices . It’s not a good time for you to make hasty decisions says your cards and it’s a tough time for you on the personal front says your planet Venus . It’s a good time for you to get into deep introspection and think about what expectations you have from your life. Some of you may be thinking of different ways of entertaining yourself if your finding your life a bit mundane 
Lucky colors : blue / pink 
Lucky numbers : 1 / 6 / 9 
Lucky day : Friday 
Sometimes you need to see life from another persons perspective and try and understand someone else’s point of view . It’s a good time for you to come around from the past issues and heal your mind and body and soul says your cards . Life can be more sorted if you try and calm your mind and focus on your mental health and breathing .  The best Advice  for you this week is respond don’t react .  
Lucky colors : black / orange 
Lucky numbers :  2 / 8 
Lucky day of the week : Saturday 
cancer zodiac
You are feeling excited about some future endeavours that are coming up soon in your life says your cards . There are certain plans that you are thinking about in your mind and wanting to execute the same but all in the right time .  Think of all the changes your looking to make in the meantime regarding your health and that will be more fruitful for you . Support from friends will very important to you now 
Lucky colors : green / red 
Lucky numbers : 5 / 9 
Lucky day of the week : Wednesday 
Finances will be a bit tight this week as you realise that you have gone a bit over budget says your planet Mars. You will also be a little stressed regarding some future plans says your planet Moon. Health will be getting better for those who have had health issues says your planet Mars . It’s time for you to start believing in the universal power and the fact that things can happen for you if you just have faith  
Lucky colors : white / blue 
Lucky numbers : 2 / 6 
Lucky day of the week : Tuesday 
This week sees you feeling happy and being on a.high because your entire life is going the way you would like. You have drawn the card of the wheel.of fortune indicating it will be a prosperous time for you and it looks like the universe seems to be favouring you in certain situations.  For.those who are.willing to make.some changes your life on the personal front this is your week to mingle   
Lucky colors : pink / orange 
Lucky numbers : 1 / 6 / 9 
Lucky day of the week : Monday 
libra zodiac
For  you it will be a time to make certain decisions on the professional front. you will be confused about your love life as well as your venus is running weak at the moment but as time passes you will know whatever  decision to take. for singles you will be flirting a lot  with a friend. Think deeply Before you make a strong decision.  Right now the best thing for you is to live in the moment .  
Lucky colors : yellow / white 
Lucky numbers : 2 / 4 / 7 
Lucky day of the week : Sunday 
There could be a slight crunch on the finances says your cards so you need to be a bit cautious about certain decisions that you take this week as your planet Jupiter is a bit weak . The time is however good for you as far as your spiritual growth is concerned. For those who are trying hard to resolve some matters on the personal front you Will get success but as long as you are patient . Many of you will be taking a lot of interest in your fitness journey this week   
Lucky colors : black / red 
Lucky numbers : 2 / 5  
Lucky day of the week : Saturday 
The entire feeling of tension is reducing in your mind as you feel a little lighter and better and that definitely brings some sigh of relief . You mean to help people even if they have not helped you out in the past says your planet Jupiter . Your karmic pattern is more positive than before and that definitely puts you in a better state of mind . You will be able to guide someone correctly this week and that person will truly appreciate your guidance says your cards .   
Lucky colors : white/ purple 
Lucky numbers : 5 / 7 
Lucky day of the week : Friday 
You need to learn to be a bit practical about certain decisions and you cant use your heart everywhere says your cards. Some legal issues could bother you says your planet Mars and you could not even understand right from wrong this week. A friends guidance could be important to you and you should pay attention to the advise coming your way. For some a good change on the career front suggest the card of wheel of fortune   
Lucky colors : blue / red 
Lucky numbers : 6 / 8 
Lucky day of the week : Wednesday 
aquarius zodiac
Travel seems to be on the agenda this week and you will be quite busy. Many things go according to plan and some dont especially regarding your career says your stars so just have the grace to accept whatever is coming your way. Your planet mars is well placed helping your enemies suddenly becoming your well wishers. health will be good but you need to exercise to stay fit this week .   
Lucky colors : green / white 
Lucky numbers : 4 / 9 
Lucky day of the week : Tuesday 
You are trying hard to please people around you but it is important for you to first please yourself and love your self says your cards. A good week for you to.try out new ventures or new opportunities as your planets support you.  You are trying to mingle with the right company and that will be at some point beneficial to you..money matters will be more relaxed this week but there will some legal challenges to overcome first.
Lucky colors : pink / black
Lucky numbers : 6 / 8 
Lucky day of the week : Saturday 
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