Weekly Tarot (Oct 3rd to 9th Oct): Here's the outlook for Leo, Taurus and Cancer

Read on to get a glimpse of the week ahead.

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The future is something  none of us can really know accurately but we could surely get guidance.
Future predictions for the week

The future is something none of us can really know accurately but we could surely get guidance. A kind of silhouette… so here goes! Get a glimpse of the week ahead with celebrated tarot card reader Poonam Sethi!


Troubles or disputes are going to end. A decision will be made soon and surprising news could lead to an unexpected trip. Be ready to move quickly. You may also be considering a major purchase. You will be concerned about an investment or business partnership and will wonder if you should force the issue, or if the problem will get resolved on its own. Allow others to help you; don’t be afraid to take chances. You will be lucky in romance and will benefit through chance meetings.

Work on: confidence

Let go:  apprehension



Money will be slow in coming, and not as much as you hoped for but there will be some relief! You will have conflicts with others or worry about what you should do….just leave it as it is for now. You won't want something that isn’t right, no matter how much you want it, and you won't give up until you get it. Your success will come through an impromptu business proposal or social invitation that will change things for the better—a new romantic relationship on cards.

Work on: patience

Let go: doubt


You will want to get away from work but it will keep pulling you back. An unexpected financial gain is on the cards. A health letter, legal notice or bureaucratic ‘reminder’ will irritate you. There will be disappointment from an associate or partner who will let you down. Let them go if you have to. Maintain mental or emotional balance, keep things in their proper perspective, and take things slow and easy. If you’re having a problem, don’t struggle with it, take time off, or just drop it for now.

Work on: self-control

Let go: anger



You will handle your affairs skillfully and complete all projects and financial matters successfully; love will be more important than work. A contract  that could bring a big change indicated. You will want a marriage or a serious commitment but will have a ‘tug of war’ between your head and heart; if your heart wins a sacrifice will have to be made. Financial obstacles will continue off and on. A cheque or commission is in the offing. Watch for stomach issues.

Work on: belief

Let go: possesiveness


New solutions will come through someone who enters into your situation and puts a new slant on things and you will have the good fortune to know what is true and what to do. Your success will come through a new career direction or romantic change of heart, a happy change. Trying to take on too many things at once is taking its toll; you’re spreading yourself too thin. All is going out and nothing is coming in. Internal conflicts and emotional tribulation will come to an end. Health reads fine.

Work on: priorities

Let go: multitasking


You will suddenly become more goal-oriented and motivated. You’ll begin a new project or venture similar to something you just finished (but better) and papers will be involved. If you have to take a test, you’ll pass with flying colors. A transfer of ownership will be processed and completed. You will have to wait a day or so before you can resolve a dilemma. Finances will start rolling in and you will be able to buy property soon. Luck will be with you in landing a new job or employment opportunity. Change your medication, as the present one is ineffective.

Work on: peace

Let go: overconfidence



A call or union with an admirer will bring a refreshing change and a fresh start. Activity in your work will be renewed. Expect a positive flow of creative, innovative or inspired ideas and lots of praise or admiration. Something is going to transpire that you didn’t think possible, something you want very much. A profitable trip is in store for you, maybe overseas. A marriage is also indicated. You will be in an excellent condition mentally, physically and spiritually.

Work on: trust

Let go: negative thinking


Expect a very positive financial message. A significant sale or large purchase will be decided upon but won’t be completed until a later date. If obstacles are confronting you, it is because you’re moving in the wrong direction. More facts need to be uncovered. Be honest with yourself. Spend some quality time with your children, as they need you now. You will soon buy a new car. Invest a small amount of money and forget about it, it will be needed later.

Work on: love

Let go: hypothetical fear


An era or chain of events is going to culminate and be completed, which will detach you from your problems and eliminate apprehension. A financial transaction bothering you will have a positive outcome. Love will take a backseat at this time because all of your activities will be geared to daily living, family ties or your home. Count your blessings and thank God for whatever you have. An addition to the family on the cards. You will invest in your own house soon.

Work on: gratitude

Let go: apprehension



Be sure to handle financial negotiations and business transactions before you get started, or misunderstandings will arise. The focus is on activities centering on the home or a business that you can do out of your home, financial independence. A professional call is indicated and a family event is in store. Problems at home or with your family will begin to ease off, but your desire for love and romance will increase.

A pilgrimage on cards.

Work on: courage

Let go: what people will say


Let go of situations that no longer serve a purpose in your evolution.  If you try and pursue them, you will advance only to have to pull back. Things may not go as planned, there will be a lot of unexpected changes or obstacles to confront. Towards the weekend you will have luck in a new business enterprise, and income thought lost will be retrieved.Delay your investment plans till next week. Stay away from unnecessary arguments, as they will have a negative outcome.

Work on: relationships

Let go: laziness


Money will be coming in through work you like or a business partner, and a financial problem that caused you worry will be resolved….and when you least expect it, you will be assisted or advanced in your finances, profession or social life by someone influential. Pain and aggravation will be resolved in a positive way. You will experience love and harmony with your sisters and brothers even if you’ve had a falling-out in the past.

Work on: communication skills

Let go: obsession

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