Weekly Tarot (17 to 23 January): See what the upcoming week has in store for Aries, Leo, Taurus

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Celebrity Tarot card reader reveals what the week has in store for Aries, Leo, Taurus
Weekly Tarot Prediction: Celebrity Tarot card reader reveals what the week has in store for Aries, Leo, Taurus

We have walked into 2022 armed with hearts full of hope yet sanitizers in hand and masks on our faces. Now more than ever we realise the importance of staying home and staying safe. But we can’t help but wonder what excitement the coming week has in store for us. So, to dispel the mystery, we have celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani here to reveal what the cards have in store for your zodiac sign.


The new month has started on a new note says your cards. If you are interested in something then you can think about pursing it now in the month of January.  For those of you looking for marriage you need to be a bit patient on the same as the time is not favourable at the moment due to your Venus being a bit weak. Good things come to those who wait.  

Lucky colors : blue and white 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 7 

Lucky day of the week : Tuesday 


Not a very good time on the professional front as you are in a dilemma due to mercury being weak. for those of you who are looking for a job or new career opportunity patience is required. you need to pray more to improve your stars especially your mercury this week. yoga and meditation will be an important part of your schedule as you try to relax your mind. singles may finalise their marriage or relationship but will still have some doubt as the time is not right.  

Lucky colors : yellow / pink 

Lucky number : 1 / 7 

Lucky day of the day : Friday 

earth signs of zodiac


Your prime concern will be your health this week says your planet Mangal as you may encounter some stomach related issues or some other issues which you need to be careful of. For those who are trying hard to make a relationship work it is important that you take things slow and try and understand your partner as well. Your cards suggests that there could be some financial issue this week as your Jupiter is a bit weak at the moment.  

Lucky colors : black / yellow 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 6 

Lucky day of the week : Monday 


Maybe when you decide the time is right for marriage or a relationship it just might happen then. watch your thoughts as they are powerful and you can manifest things quickly and the way you want even the negative. as far as work is concerned this is definitely a better phase for you and those who are starting their career should look forward to something good happening soon. this is however not such a good time for health so you need to be aware of health issues.    

Lucky colors : red / white 

Lucky numbers : 5 / 9 

Lucky day of the week : Sunday 
water signs of zodiac


The new year seems to be a bit confusing for you Leo’s as January has begun you are a bit confused regarding your professional life. It is important for you to think about you feel is more important and focus there. It is also a good time for you to think about your future and plans regarding your profession and you need to look into your mental health as well. This week is the week to work on your spiritual progress as well. Look before you leap is the advice given to you.  

Lucky colors : green / blue

Lucky numbers : 7 / 9 

Lucky day of the week : Thursday 


You are waiting for something very important to happen to you regarding your work and there is some progress in that directions says your cards. Mercury is going retrograde this week so there could be some delays regarding some aspects on the personal front. Your health is your priority this week and it’s important that you look into your health conditions and situations.  

Lucky colors : black / orange 

Lucky numbers : 4 / 6 

Lucky day of the week : Sunday 


You might need to forgive your partner for certain mistakes he or she has made, as there is no point holding on to certain things. For those single you will have to wait little while to find the right partner there could be some travel in the cards and there is also a shift of residence or maybe even a shift of country which will do you good. Health is stable says your planet Saturn as you heal more this week.  

Lucky colors : green / black 

Lucky numbers : 4 /8

Lucky day of the week : Saturday 

air signs of zodiac

You will need to learn to deal with some things a little better than what the current situation is.  It’s a good time for you to think about your future and your security in terms of your finances says your planet Jupiter. You are in the mood to help someone who you have not been as privileged as you says your cards. It’s time for you to return a favour you have been thinking of returning for a while.  

Lucky colors : white / pink 

Lucky numbers : 3 /6 

Lucky day of the week : Friday 


Look around for some signs that the universe has your back and is supporting you. In money matters there could be some delays as your moon planet is running a bit weak at the moment so it’s important for you be patient. For those who are looking for a new career or work opportunity this is a good time to look at that area. You will be helpful to a friend this week says your cards.    

Lucky colors : blue / red 

Lucky numbers : 2 / 7 

Lucky day of the week : Wednesday 


It’s a week for you to concentrate on your mental health and even your physical health suggests your cards. For those who are thinking about some career changes you will try and implement the same from now onwards as your Mars planet is well placed this week which helps you with many other factors. You are planning to charge ahead in your career but you need to go with the flow as even with the pandemic things could be a bit slow.   

Lucky colors : black / blue 

Lucky numbers : 1 / 7 

Lucky day of the week : Sunday 

air signs of zodiac


If you can’t let go of the past there is no way you can concentrate on the present or the future. you need to look beyond your past relationships says your Jupiter since the new year has started.  work wise there will be improvement for the better. Singles will have fun with their friends. some students will decide to go abroad and study. look for new hobbies this month.     

Lucky Colors: white / green 

Lucky numbers : 5 / 9 

Lucky day of the week : Friday 


You will have to think that the universe has your back and totally supporting you in spite of every situation says your planet Mars.  Your mind will be playing some games with you so it’s very important to be in balance this this week. Think of what you want to achieve rather than what you fear this week says your cards. Be careful of minor physical injuries. 

Lucky colors : orange / white 

Lucky numbers : 3 / 6 

Lucky day of the week : Monday 

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