From Weight Loss to Preventing Diabetes: 5 Benefits of a standing workstation

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From Weight Loss to Preventing Diabetes: 5 Benefits of a standing workstation

We almost all have a sedentary lifestyle and most of the time is spent in front of a computer, mobile and TV. But let me tell you that sitting for long hours can hamper your health as there are several adverse effects. Sitting for prolonged hours in one place can lead to obesity and one can die early too. Obesity which is already a common nuisance among many can lead to so many deadly diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart ailments, and related health issues.

This is a huge issue for office goers as they have to sit in front of computers for 9-10 hours and post the office hours, many just have dinner and sleep off. No activity especially sitting in one place is one of the silent killers and that's why standing desks are now getting a lot of popularity and many organizations have started using stand-up desks as well.

Many modern desks are adjustable so that one can change the height of the desk and switch between sitting and standing whenever one wants. As per many studies, there are several benefits of such desks as they negate some effects of sitting for too long. Today we have rounded off some of the benefits of standing desks.

1. Counters obesity

Weight gain happens when we don't burn the extra calories. These extra calories turn into fat and stick to various parts of the body and leading to weight gain. We know that one of the best ways to burn calories is doing any form of physical activity but simply standing than sitting can make a difference as we burn more calories when standing than while we are sitting.

2. Regulates blood sugar level

Did you know sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons why people develop type 2 diabetes? Generally, our blood sugar levels increase post meals. As per a study of 10 office workers, those who stood for 180 minutes after lunch showed blood sugar level 43% less than those who sat for the same time. Another study which was conducted on 23 workers found that switching from standing to sitting every 30 minutes throughout the workday reduced the blood sugar jump by 11.1%. 

3. Alleviates back pain

Back and neck pain is common issues that many office workers complain about and the same is due to long hours of sitting. As per a study, participants showed 32% improvement in lower back pain after following standing desks for several weeks. So why wait? Go for a sit and stand desk right away and say bye to body pains.

4. Can reduce the risks of heart ailments

Standing is also great for your heart and this has been proved way back in 50s. As per studies, prolonged sedentary time can increase the chances of heart diseases by 147%. The effects are so harmful that intense workout can not make up for the negative effects done by sitting for the entire day.

5. Improves productivity and mood

Many studies have claimed that using a standing station for around 4 hours a day had no impact on characters typing instead it helps to enhance mood and energy and also boost our productivity. Also, sitting for long hours increases the chances of both depression and anxiety.