Welcome 2021: Mindful steps to declutter your life, make peace with your past and manifest a better future

As we come to the end of this year, here are some steps to make the new year a better one for yourself, physically and mentally.
Welcome 2021: Mindful steps to declutter your life, make peace with your past and manifest a better future
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As this year passed by in a blink of an eye, with all of us happily or unhappily confined within the four walls of our house for a major part of the year, it gave us plenty time to look within our own walls too. The pandemic put a huge pause to the constant hustle-bustle & the fast-paced life this world was living since forever. A pause which was much needed to introspect & look within, and gradually improve ourselves. It reminded us, rather forced us to ‘Slow down’. 

Start your journey of a Better 2021 by helping your body remain healthy. Exercising, eating healthy & a consistent sleeping pattern plays a vital role in how your mind functions. If your body needs to put all its energy in digesting the unhealthy food you consume, little energy is left to introspect & get your brain working. Similarly, your brain needs rest to function optimally the next day, which is why sleep is vital for the body.

One other thing that is imperative but we miss out on is: Our Breath. Breath is the essence of our life. No breath, no you. How many moments in a day do you spend breathing consciously? At least four times a day, try bringing all your attention to your breath. The simplest way of doing this is by telling your brain:

Take a deep breath / Inhale – “I know I’m breathing in”

Exhale – “I know I’m breathing out”

Once your physical body is at its optimal health, you can focus your attention on your mind: If you can’t go outside, go within. Continue putting conscious efforts to truly know & uncover yourself.

Let’s call our mind a home, and our emotions the furniture. If you fill your home with broken, unwanted, useless furniture, you will never make space for more useful, newer furniture that beautifies your home even more!

Like all things in life, observation and retention are the most powerful sources for understanding something in particular. To discover hidden traits of yourself, start by mindfully observing your thoughts in various situations & pen them down in a diary at the end of the day.  

Observe: What made you angry today? What made you sad? What made you elated you jumped up with joy? And what brought you so much happiness today that it made you cry? What did your mother say that made you love her even more? Are you complaining about the sun today? Or are you grateful you at least have a roof over your head saving you from the heat? 

Once you get in the habit of observing your emotions & how and where your mind travels, you shall also realise the intensity of your reaction to situations will start diminishing bit-by-bit with every passing day.

It is a beautiful journey – of getting to know yourself. You touch emotions within you that you never knew existed. And in the process, you eliminate a lot of unwanted anger, ego, the chaos that’s living in the back of your mind. 

With the year ending, all of us anticipate 2021 to be the year our surroundings heal itself & go back to normal. However, we do feel after so much, we can do a lot better than normal. A better world to live in, a better economy with Indian businesses & brands on the rise, and not to forget: A Better You.

In 2021 – Let’s de-clutter ourselves and become better versions!

About the author: Kainaz Postwala, Co-Founder - White Light Elements

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