What is Catnip and why you need it for your felines?

Catnip is a type of herb that creates an instant excitement in cats. This is used as a grooming tool for felines that can relieve them from many health issues. Here’s what you should know as a cat parent.
What is Catnip and why you need it for your felines? What is Catnip and why you need it for your felines?
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Catnip is a herb that belongs to the mint family. The smell of its essential oil and stem easily attract cats. According to doctors, the smell of catnip mimics a feline pheromone which causes instant excitement in them.

But this may not work for cats every time. They need to grow into it usually around one year of age and male and female both cats can react to the effect. But it also depends on their genetics, according to vets.

Catnip and cats: What should you know about it?

Benefits of catnip

Cats who can react to catnip enjoy themselves a lot with it. They can chew it, rub on it and inhale it to get happy. But cat owners can also use this to combat health and behavioural issues in cats. They can use it as a source of encouragement to make them play or move.

Cats with obesity don’t like to run or do exercises that much. As a result, there is an increased risk of other serious health issues. So, catnip is a great way to encourage them to move or run.


According to vets, catnip is also a useful tool for cats who are stressed out. When cats are moved to a new place or there is another feline in the family, they can be stressed out with the changed situation. Catnip effects can reduce the stress level in them.

This herb is also good to use as a rewarding tool when your cats allow you to give them a bath or trim their nails. Overall, catnip is a great tool to use for grooming or giving training to your feline.

Is catnip safe for cats?

Vets believe catnip is safe for cats. However, you should always keep a check on their reaction after they have it because a cat that is constantly high is also not safe. So, if you sense aggression in them, stop giving catnip and talk to your vet.

Growing catnip

Growing catnip in your home is very easy and it can be given to your feline without any addition. But if you are thinking to buy one, then it’s better to buy the pesticide-free ones.


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