What does being aromantic mean? THESE are the signs to lookout for to know if you are one

You don’t get the point of Simran running to catch the train just to be with Raj. You find Taj Mahal beautiful but you don’t understand the meaning or the feeling behind the gesture.
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What would happen if people stopped feeling the love? What would it be like to live in a world without love? Bollywood has taught us so much about love that it has now become impossible to imagine a world where love doesn’t exist. Especially after all the stories we’ve heard and the films we’ve seen. What if Heer and Ranjha never felt any love or Sohni-Mahiwal and Romeo-Juliet. What if Shah Jahan never fell for Mumtaz Mahal? Taj Mahal would not exist if love did not exist. Sassi-Punnu and Mirzan-Sahiban and all the iconic love stories would never have existed. Life would feel empty without love or so we believe. But that really does happen to some people.

There is a certain group of people who identify with the term aromantic. They do not feel any sort of romantic attraction towards anyone. This does not mean that they do not feel anything or are emotionally shut. They lead a pretty normal life but they simply do not feel the romance. They simply cannot connect with anyone romantically. This does not mean that they have any mental illness, aromanticism is just a simple personality trait that some people have. They do not need to be cured. It is completely normal if you don’t feel romance or find it alluring. Being aromantic does not mean that these people don’t feel love, they feel love and they can love but they just don’t identify with something like romance. Here are some signs that you’re an aromantic.

1. You watch romantic films but you don’t really understand romance. You don’t understand the point of singing a song for your partner and getting them flowers or gifts. You just can’t relate to it.

2. You haven’t had a crush. You simply don’t feel the romance. You never felt the sparks or the butterflies.

3. Though you do feel the love you don’t get the allure of romantic love. You don’t feel the need to have the flowers and candles when you’re doing it the first time.

4. You may feel sexual attraction and you may feel love but you just don’t get into a relationship for the sake of romance and the Bollywood style running to the airport or train station to stop your love from leaving kind of thing.

5. You’re not uncomfortable with being single. You don’t have any problems with it.

6. Though you may or may not enjoy watching rom-coms and reading romantic books you don’t really want that in life. That’s not what you’re looking for.

7. The sound of “aromantic” just sits well with you. You can easily relate to this word and it describes you perfectly.

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