What foods should you avoid post-pregnancy

As a new mom, it is very important to get the right food after pregnancy to fulfil your nutrients needs, it helps to heal from delivery and return to your pre-pregnancy body weight.

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Here are certain foods to avoid post-pregnancy
What foods should you avoid post-pregnancy

It is very important for new mothers to pay attention to their diet after delivery. As a new mom, it is very important to get the right food after pregnancy to fulfill your nutrients needs, it helps to heal from delivery and return to your pre-pregnancy body weight. Dr. Rohini Patil a nutritionist reveals some foods that you should be avoided post-pregnancy.

Sugary drinks– Soft drinks or sugary juices are empty calories loaded with sugar. This type of food gives you no nutrition to your body. This energy shoot is short-lived and you may wind up feeling many worn out after your body burns out through sugar. It will add extra calories that don’t have any value in nutrients and it will contribute to weight gain or losing weight loss difficult.

Fast food and junk food- Fast food and processed foods are rich in calories, fat, sugar, and salt and lower in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Try to eat as much fresh and homemade food to avoid outside packaged and canned food. Avoid chips, and cookies and choose low-calorie healthy snacks item that is rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Including fruits, nuts; roasted seeds, and even a bowl of yogurt are healthy options. After pregnancy, your aim should be more focused on foods that are healthy and nutritious foods. Junk foods and processed foods caused weight gain and make it even more difficult to lose extra pounds during pregnancy.

Fish with High Mercury levels – Seafood is a great source of lean protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients. Some kind of fish contains high levels of mercury which can pass through the milk to your newborn and will affect their health. Try to avoid swordfish, shark, and king Mackerel as they are high in mercury levels.

Tea and Coffee-   If you are having tea or coffee then you don’t need to completely remove coffee or tea from your diet after pregnancy. While some amount of caffeine could pass from mom to your baby as far as the baby is breastfed, this is significant only for very high consumption of caffeine. So 1cup or 2cups a day tea or coffee should be fine. When a higher intake of caffeine accumulates in the baby’s body and exposes them to caffeine stimulation it can make your baby irritable, fussy, and unable to sleep well.

Gas causing / Colic-Inducing foods– Gas and Colic problems is very common in infants. If you see your baby feels bloated, burps a lot and passes gas, and has a hard belly, or cries a lot it may be due to colic. You are consuming certain foods that could induce this colic problem including dairy and caffeine. Cabbage, beans, broccoli, turdal are common offenders when it comes to producing more gas. Many women avoid spicy foods if they notice colic problems in their babies. Remember, it is about how your baby reacts to which food. Spicy foods are not a culprit for all babies.

Intake of Alcohol- Consuming alcohol is not safe for your baby. So any amount of alcohol in breast milk is not good for the baby’s health. When mom consumed alcohol it passes freely into her breast milk. Exposure to alcohol at moderate levels through breast milk can damage a baby’s development, growth, and sleeping pattern. Not consuming alcohol is the safest option for breastfeeding moms.

Allergy causing foods- If there is a family history of any type of food allergies so you could consult your paediatrician to check if those foods are avoided. Some common foods that cause allergies include eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy fish, and wheat. 

If you are a new mom be sure to look after yourself and your baby’s health and nutrition so that you can be at your best level of fitness and enjoy this important phase of your life.

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