What men want from women as per the man's zodiac sign?

Like women, men also have certain expectations from their partners. But your partner may not be vocal with those desires. So, here’s what men want from their women according to men's star signs.

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What men want from women as per the man's zodiac sign?
What men want from women as per the man's zodiac sign?

In a relationship, people have different expectations from their partners. And it becomes a responsibility to at least try to fulfil the desire. But it’s not possible until we get to know what partners want from us. And often they don’t want to reveal those expectations as well.

So, how about we try to get an idea of their desires based on their personality traits? Well, each person is different from other based on their zodiac signs. So, read on to know their expectations based on astrology.

Here’s what men want from their women partners based on sun signs:

Aries- Feminine and hardworking

Aries men like a feminine girl who is extremely hard working and can stand up for herself. They want women to let them chase her. Personality traits like passionate, leadership, independent really attract them.

Taurus- Patience and honesty

Taurean men like women who are patient and honest. They won’t really rush to give commitment until they can see these two qualities in a woman. So, it’s better to be honest and patient in front of a Taurus man rather than being quick to demand a commitment.


Gemini- Unpredictability

Gemini men like women who can make move really fast. They like to be unpredictable with their partner and expect the same. They are not that much into committing. Since Gemini people like to socialise a lot, so it may get tough to have him alone. But challenges attract Gemini men a lot.

Cancer- Love and family

Cancerians love their family a lot. So, a Cancer man looks for the same in their partner. They are sweet and shy, who cannot really make a move in the first place. They want their women to make the first move. He wants to feel loved by their partner.

Leo- Playfulness and generosity

Leo men are playful and want their partner to be the same kind of person. They want their women to be a partner in crime with them. They adore women who are honest and generous. They want to be with someone whom they can laugh and be themselves with.

Virgo- Kindness and cleanliness

Virgos are tidy. So, a Virgo man likes a woman who keeps everything clean. They don’t like a mess at all. Since Virgo men are very kind and gentle to others, so they like a woman with kindness too. Women with harsh words are not their choice. They like to take care of others a lot and expect the same from their partner.

Libra- No drama

Librans are kind and soft-hearted. So, a Libra man doesn’t like a woman who creates a lot of drama. They don’t want to get hurt emotionally. Gossiping, arguing and fighting are really not their cup of tea. They like women who take care of others always and are independent as they don't like needy women.

Scorpio- Privacy and adventurous

Scorpio men are passionate and mysterious. They want women who can be adventurous with them. And they like to have their personal alone time. So, a woman who respects privacy is always a Scorpio man’s choice.


Sagittarius- Freedom and fun

These men like to feel free even in a relationship. So, they like women who give them freedom in the bonding. They want to their partner to have fun with them and explore different things because Sagittarius men are highly adventurous. And they also want women who are not possessive about their partner.

Capricorn- Determination and loyalty

Capricorn men want a long-term serious relationship. But they take time to trust their partner. They want their women to have a goal in life and actively pursue them. They also want honesty from their partner.


Aquarius- Space

Aquarius men like to enjoy their own personal time. So, they really appreciate it when their women allow them to enjoy their free time. They also like mysterious and creative women.

Pisces- Love and imagination

Pisces men are creative, romantic and imaginative. They want women who are patient and protective of their loved ones. They take time to trust their partner.

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