What to Watch: 4 movies to watch with your squad for a Girl’s Night In

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What to Watch: 4 movies to watch with your squad for a Girl’s Night In

Grab a tub of popcorn and a glass of champagne to celebrate a girl’s night in with your g-squad. These are the best as you get to lay in your comfortable pyjamas and watch your favourite movies with your favourite people. Along with a gossip session with the girls, you can enjoy binge watching a list of some of the best rom coms, teen dramas or period drama movies.

So, here is your list of balm for the soul, relaxing and unwinding movies to watch with your girlies.

Pretty Woman

This one’s a classic and we’d be stupid enough to not include it on the list. A businessman hires a prostitute as an escort for a business meeting but only to find himself falling for her. 


A Christmas movie that can be watched at any time of the year because the storyline is simply that cute! Tired of being single during the holidays and turning up alone on family occasions, two strangers decide to stage feelings and fake a relationship in front of their parents while catching real feelings for each other. 

To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Lara Jean returns from her family trip to Korea and while considering college plans, she gets through NYU. The only challenge is that she would be in a long distance relationship with Peter.


A teen drama, watch if you want to get inspired for a makeover and experiment with your looks and OOTDs. 

Mean Girls

Starring Lindsay Lohan, this one’s an all time favourite. The A-list girl and the famous plastic, Miss Regina is hit with a challenge when a new girl, Lindsay Lohan enters the high school with her genius traits.

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