What to Watch: 5 movies to watch if you miss travelling

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What to Watch: 5 movies to watch if you miss travelling

International and overseas travelling seems like a far fetched dream due to the ongoing pandemic. With the Covid19 cases still on the rise, we can bid our dreams of travelling overseas goodbye for time being. What remains is memories and pictures of places where we want to be, the food we would like to relish and the views we’d like to enjoy. 

While we are still hoping of going on a dreamy vacation, here are 5 movies to keep you occupied for now. These movies will take you back for a trip down memory lane while dreaming of boarding a flight anytime soon.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This movie is adventure packed with lots of scenic shots in Spain. It is a movie based on friendship, love and travel as three friends take a vacation in Spain before Kabir’s marriage. 

Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts plays Liz Gilbert who after divorce decides to go on a self discovery journey by travelling overseas across Europe, India and Bali. She goes on a journey to discover food, meet new people and find love.

Into The Wild

Son of wealthy parents, Christopher McCandless embarks himself on a journey into the wild. He leaves his comfortable life behind and chooses to donate his savings to charity while leaving home and finding comfort in the wilderness of Alaska. 

Under The Tuscan Sun

Frances Mayes, a 35 year old San Francisco writer gets a divorce that leaves her with a writer’s block. Later, she decides to buy a house in Tuscany that sets a new course for her life. 

Midnight In Paris

Owen Wilson who plays Gil Pender in the movie is a screenwriter and aspiring novelist who is vacationing in Paris with his fiancee. On one night, he goes on an excursion all by himself only to travel back in time and away from his fiancee as he is beguiled by the city.

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