What to watch after Bridgerton: 10 shows you can binge watch to keep up with period drama and scandals

Bridgerton has left us anticipating for Season 2 and while the wait simply seems too long, here are 10 shows similar to Bridgerton that you can binge-watch on the weekend. While fans can rest assure that the second season of Bridgerton is already in the works, we have picked the top 10 shows to keep your gossip spirits high!
What to watch after Bridgerton: 10 shows you can binge watch to keep up with period drama and scandals
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After causing quite a stir on Netflix, Bridgerton has left fans anticipating season 2 and wondering whatever happened to Daphne and the Duke of Hastings in the aftermath of becoming the hottest couple in London’s ton. 

To add some drama, fuel, and gossip to your life, we have curated a list of 10 shows similar to Bridgerton that you can watch on the weekends. There is no end to period drama, especially when it involves kings, queens, palaces, and royalty affairs. With eccentric costumes, detailed sets, high drama, and scandalous events, here are our top picks you can choose to stream this weekend.   

Check out 10 shows you can watch after Bridgerton to keep up the spirit of period drama and scandalous adventures.


This historical drama series is based on the early life of Queen Victoria as she ascends the British throne at the age of 18 and eventually, falls in love with Prince Albert who she later gets married.

The Crown

Based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II the show follows her journey from becoming a queen to her powerful reign from the 1940s to modern times. The series gives an exclusive insight into the Queen’s life and her conviction to save the authenticity of the crown. 


This drama series is set in the 19th century, based on the 2016 novel by Julian Fellowes. The series begins at an eventful ball when the Trenchards accept the invitation to attend the ball only to deal with the consequences later as secrets unravel in London’s lavish neighborhood. 


After returning from the American Revolutionary War, Ross Poldark finds his father dead, his estate in ruins, and his lover engaged to another man. The series follows the journey of Ross Poldark as he slowly rebuilds his life.

Parade’s End

Set against the backdrop of the Edwardian era and the end of the first world war, this series follows the conflicted relationship between a conservative English aristocrat and his gorgeous wife, Sylvia. 

The Spanish Princess

A historical drama in limited series, it is based on the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, Catherine, who travels to England to meet her future husband, Arthur. After the sudden death of Arthur, Catherine finds that her next choice, King Henry VII, is the father of the guy she loves.


Set in the 18th century, London, this series follows the fight between brothel owners as they compete against each other. Soon, a war breaks out in the city as Margaret is determined to fight back and protect her business at all costs.

The Tudors

Set in 16th century England, this series focuses on the early years of King Henry VIII and his 40 years of reign. It mainly follows Henry’s scandalous affairs as there were many and famous female companions like Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. 


After serving as a British Army nurse in World War II, Claire Randall is enjoying her second honeymoon with her husband Frank in this drama and mystery-fueled series. Claire mysteriously time travels at the beginning of the season and the series shows her journey of being caught between two men in two inharmonious lives.

Mary, the queen of Scots arrives in France at the age of 15 and marries Prince Francis. It showcases her friendships with her handmaidens as they become best friends.

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