What is your favourite art form? Find out based on your zodiac signs

Each person has a different taste for everything, including their favourite art forms. So, here’s which form they like the most as per their zodiac personality traits.
Art forms for zodiacWhat is your favourite art form? Find out based on your zodiac signs
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As people around the world are different from each other, their choices are also diverse. When it comes to choosing an art form, our choices vary from one another. Zodiac personality traits play a major role in that.

They influence a lot in our choice of the art form. So, what’s your favourite art form? Find out as per your zodiac sign.

Your favourite art form based on star signs?

Aries- Opera

Aries have a strong, confident and fiery personality. They are bold and ready to take all kinds of risks. So, their favourite art form would be vibrant like Opera. It’s a Western classical music form that is performed with dramatic narrative and high voice range.


Taurus- Drama

Taureans are realistic and grounded. So, they like drama or theatre a lot as they can see the performances without any retakes. This is more realistic for them.

Gemini- Painting

The social butterfly, Geminis love painting. They also like to have deep conversations with others.

Cancer- Indian classical music

Cancerians are emotional and have a soft nature and they are also drawn towards traditional things. So, Indian classical music is right for them.

Leo- Dance

Leos like to be in the spotlight all the time. So, they will opt for dancing.

Virgo- Crafts

Virgos are perfectionists who like to do everything meticulously. They pay keen attention to every detail to make it perfect. So, craft is the right art form for them which needs a lot of patient and attention.

Libra- Sculpture

Librans are the worshippers of beauty. So, they like anything sophisticated and subtle like sculptures.


Scorpio- Mime

Scorpions are intense and passionate. They may like miming as it is silent but needs a lot of attention to understand the silent language. However, only a Scorpion can understand it.

Sagittarius- Photography

Sagittarian is the explorer who wants to travel to new places and gather new experiences. So, they would like photography where they can lock the moments in their frame.

Capricorn- Architecture

Capris are analytical and practical with a calculative mind. So, they like architecture. This art form finely represents the strong and grounded personality of a Capricorn.

Aquarius- Pottery art

These people are independent, unique and philanthropists. They like natural things and want to know the details of new things. So, pottery would be right for them and they will get to know the history behind it.


Pisces- Poetry

Pisceans are born romantics with a soft and gentle nature. Their intuitive mind is like a poet who likes to see everything from a different angle. So, poetry is right for them.

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Anonymous 3 days ago

True! I am a sagi and i love photography a lot....

Anonymous 3 days ago

I'm a Sagittarius n I HATE photography taking n posing. These zodiac thingy from u are D ULTIMATE be. Ur articles are my go-to giggle of everyday.

Anonymous 3 days ago

Please post something creative, informative and knowledgeable and realistic

Anonymous 3 days ago

I'm myself a sagittarius but never in my life I clicked a nice pic

Anonymous 3 days ago

Same here... I'm an Aquarius n I don't like pottery art.

Anonymous 3 days ago

Why do you guys always make up stuff? I personally don't think any of this is true.

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