Which crystal is right for you based on your zodiac sign?

There are different crystals to enhance our aura and personality traits. So, Kaveri Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of MyPoojaBox talks about which crystal is best for us based on our zodiac sign.
Which crystal is right for you based on your zodiac sign?
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We all are different from each other based on our personality traits. So, to enhance our aura and balance different aspects of our personality, different crystals should be used based on our zodiac sign. So, Kaveri Sachdev, CEO and Co-Founder of MyPoojaBox talks about the best crystal to use according to our zodiac sign.    


Personality: Calm, Realistic, Hard-Working

Jade is the perfect crystal for Capricorns. It helps manifest success and abundance for this hard-working sign.


Personality: Intellectual, Sensitive, Rebellious

Aquamarine is the perfect crystal for Aquarians. This stone will inspire and protect their rebellious and free-spirited personality.  


Personality: Compassionate, Creative, Helpful

Amethyst is the most suited crystal for Pisceans. It will protect the heart and aura around these sensitive and caring people.


Personality: Ambitious, Confident, Passionate

Aries are known for their strong and motivated persona. Carnelian stone will help Aries people to remain organised and grounded.


Personality: Romantic, Practical, Stubborn

Taureans always think from a practical and realistic perspective. Rose Quartz crystal will bring them joy, love and fulfilment.


Personality: Expressive, Social, Restless

These people are constantly looking for new experiences and creatives situations. So, Citrine will stimulate the brain and enhance their creativity.


Personality: Caring, Emotional, Intuitive

Moonstone is the perfect crystal for Cancer. It will bring calmness and balance to their emotional side.


Personality: Charming, Loyal, Loving

Leos love to please people and are always surrounded by many friends. Tiger’s Eye will be the perfect crystal for them bringing confidence and positivity. 


Personality: Perfectionist, Grounded, Logical

Green Jade is the perfect crystal for Virgos as it brings abundance and prosperity for these people.


Personality: Idealistic, Diplomatic, Social

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect crystal for Libra as it balances their energy and personality.


Personality: Brave, Determined, Honest

Scorpions are dedicated and hard-working people. Black Obsidian will protect this sign from negative energies.


Personality: Spontaneous, Optimistic, Fair

To enhance the positive and exciting personality of Sagittarians, Turquoise crystal is the perfect combination for them.

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