Which dog breed is right for you as a pet based on your zodiac sign?

Are you planning to have a pet dog? Find out below which dog breed is best for you according to your zodiac sign.
Which dog breed is right for you as a pet based on your zodiac sign? Which dog breed is right for you as a pet based on your zodiac sign?
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We love to have pets in our home and dogs are always the first preference. They are the best friends of human beings who tend to get attached to us emotionally. They can protect us and can sense when we are disturbed or sad. But not all dogs are friendly and you cannot be well adjusted with everyone. There are some dog breeds which can be playful. Given below are the breeds of dogs which are best suited for you according to your zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has different traits. They are all different from each other. So, their preference for dogs will also be different. So, we can tell which dog breed is good for you based on your star sign. If you are planning to adopt a pet dog at your home, then this will be helpful for you.

Pet dogs to choose based on your zodiac sign.  

Aries- German Shepherd

You are a stubborn kind of person who likes to go out for adventures. So, you don’t like a dog who likes to stay at home and get cuddles all the time. So, German Shepherd is the best option for you.


Taurus- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You are practical and loyal. You cherish elegant things in life. So, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is good for you. They are gorgeous, loyal and very affectionate to their owners. And they like to stay at home as well. So, you can play with them all day.


Gemini- Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Gemini people are friendly and curious about the world. So, Corgi would always be your best friend. They are adorable, cute, love their owners. Corgis like to be the centre of attention always.


Cancer- Pomeranian

These dogs are perfect for you because they are protective. They like to get pampered and spend time at home. They adore their owners a lot and tend to get upset if they don’t get enough love from them. They also gel up with your family members a lot. These all qualities match with Cancer traits.


Leo- Dachshund

Leos are social and playful for which Dachshund would be a perfect match for you. They are lively and mischievous. They can easily catch all the attention. This resembles with Leos.


Virgo- Chow Chow

Chow Chow is quite similar to your traits. As you are reserved and like to have some personal time, Chow chow also gets scared to see new people and take time to open up to them. But once you win their trust, this breed would be very loyal to you.


Libra- Greyhound

Libras are kind and like to be in groups and maintain peace. Greyhounds are the perfect match for you because they are also very friendly and like to stay in groups.


Scorpio- Pit Full

You are tough, devoted and protective towards your loved ones and Pit Bull is exactly like you. Pit Bull and Scorpions tend to have a bad reputation. Pit Bulls also have a dominating nature but they also like to show affection to their owners.


Sagittarius- Australian Shepherd

These people are curious, adventurous and intelligent and Australian Shepherd is the right choice for you. They are very intelligent, energetic and do lot of exercises. They easily get bored if not properly encouraged.


Capricorn- Belgian Sheepdog

Devoted, hard-working, intelligent and sorted Capricorns need a Belgian Sheepdog. They are extremely protective and determined towards their family members.


Aquarius- Basenji

These people are unique, independent, intelligent and they need a Basenji for them. This breed is also friendly, energetic and quite stubborn like you. So, you have to be patient while training them.


Pisces- Cocker Spaniel

Pisceans are sensitive, imaginative and sweet. So, they will love to have a Cocker Spaniel. These are small and extremely adorable dogs who always show their affection. But you cannot be harsh or intimidating to them. You have to have a lot of patience and sensitivity for nurturing this breed.


Anonymous 7 months ago

im segatairius and am not a fan of austrailian shepords there good dogs but not my fav dog i like caliver king charles spainials threr better

Anonymous 1 year ago

Does Saint Bernard augur well for a Piscean?

Anonymous 1 year ago

Does Saint Bernard augur well for a Piscean?

Anonymous 1 year ago

Rescued and indie breeds are the best companion

Anonymous 1 year ago

Our domestic dogs are far better than the foreign breed. Why don't we change our perceptions and give it a try. I'm confident that you will not be disappointed.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Atleast spell pit bull

Anonymous 1 year ago

Indian breed dogs are abandoned for these foreign breeds. Now you come up with a concept of breed-moonsign? Tomorrow will you also mentioned which foreign baby from orphanage/surrogacy should be adopted for childless couples?

Anonymous 1 year ago

Well said, yo! Indian breeds are the best. These stupid bloggers write random shit without any social responsibility.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Absolutely correct