Which musical instrument you should learn to play according to your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn to play an instrument? Then first know which instrument suits your personality the most as per your zodiac traits.
Which musical instrument you should learn to play according to your zodiac sign?
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Musical instruments are an essential part of the music. And if people who have a great passion for music find great interest in the instruments as well. But which musical instrument you should learn to play?

It can be found by your zodiac sign. People have their own, distinct personality which makes them different from others. These personalities can also be matched with the types of instruments to tell which is best suited for you. So, here’s your best musical instrument based on your zodiac sign.  

Best musical instrument as per your zodiac sign:

Aries- Saxophone

Aries people are passionate and competitive people. So, the saxophone is the right instrument for them as it is versatile and fun to play. You can play all kinds of songs with it. And because of its popularity, a lot of competitions take place of saxophone.


Taurus- Tuba

You are dependable and reliable just like Tuba. It is the foundation of a band that takes care of other instrumentalists and keep them on track and make their playing speed correct. So, Tuba is right for Taureans.


Gemini people are whimsical, creative, adaptable and life of the party. They bring life to everything just like percussion adds sparkle to the ultimate music. It has a wide array of instruments like drums, bells, whistles, triangles, xylophones, etc. so Geminis wouldn’t get bored at all.

Cancer- Flute

The sound of the flute is very emotional and soft like the personality of a Cancerian. It is beautiful and transcendent. So, Cancerians would love to play this as it’s just like their personality.



Leos are bold, fun-loving people who want all attention on them always. So, Indian instrument tabla would be fun for them. Its sound, beats and rhythm easily catch other’s attention.

Virgo- Sitar

You are the hark-working people who want to make everything perfect and flawless. So, learning Sitar would be good for you as it needs a lot of patient and practice.

Libra- Violin

Sophisticated Librans would always pick Violin to play as the sound of it is soothing and it looks elegant. As you can’t concentrate on one thing for a long time, so Violin would be perfect as you don’t need to control your breathing for playing this.


Scorpio- Santoor

Scorpions are intense people who want others to listen to them just like Santoor. It doesn’t only accompany other instruments or vocal music, but it also stands out with its sound.

Sagittarius- Clarinet

Sagittarius people are adventurous and funny who want to show off their big spirit when given a chance. And they are just like Clarinets which are quite but add a distinct flair to jazz music.

Capricorn- Sarangi

Capricorns are hard-working people like Virgos. They are the workaholic zodiac sign who want to do their task with all attention and efforts without any mistake. They can easily learn to play the Sarangi which is one of the toughest Indian instruments. It is said Sarangi can imitate the sound of a human voice if played properly. So, Capricorns can devote all their time to master this instrument.


Aquarius- Bassoon

The Bassoon is a unique and quirky instrument just like Aquarius people. It's unique sound easily catches the music lover’s attention. Aquarius people are action-oriented people who like to take new challenges. Learning Bassoon would be hard for them but they will enjoy it.

Pisces- Euphonium

Pisceans are well aware of their feelings. Euphonium has a dark, intense and deep sound. So, this is right for Pisces people as they are also deep thinkers.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Although I play a recorder flute for fun, I also like to play the melodica though I'm not a professional melodica player.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Im a Aires and NO WAY I AM playing a SAXOPHONE!!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Ummm... I don't think so I'ma virgo and i learn guitar and i luv it ,I'm not gonna give up

Anonymous 2 months ago

Pisceas - Definatly Not en Euphonium!

Anonymous 2 months ago

It's not what instrument you play but HOW you play it that defines your personality. A Leo can play a wine glass boldly. A Scorpio can play a triangle sexily. So grab any instrument from the pile and make it your own.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I don't feel so... I'm a luthier(learning) and play various instruments. I like their sound. My zodiac is libra, but i play rubab, Erhu, tanbur , violin....and will catch on any lute , fiddle, or zither, because I like it. Any instrument can make nice sound, you can learn , make, innovate your instrument. Required is your pation and patience, not your zodiac.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Teen Sagittarius here, and I play cello currently. I love the cello

Anonymous 2 months ago

Libra here- the horoscope thing is so stupid it's funny! I play some string instruments- banjo and pedal steel guitar. No violin for me!! Main instrument is saxophone.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I play violin i'm a capricorn.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Libra here. I want to learn violin after inheriting my grandmother's. I already play guitar, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, mallets, keyboard, uke, mandolin and bass guitar; all while working on banjo, flute and trombone as well. Did I leave anything out? Honestly, a Libra can't decide what to play, so why settle for one when you can learn them ALL? Except double reeds. I look better when it feels like I still have an upper lip, imho...

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm a capricorn and I play violin.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Seriously ridiculous. As a lifelong professional musician I call BS on this. While horoscopes are interesting and all, but basing a life decision on them is absurd. Of course that’s never stopped anyone from being a believer. So go ahead and believe. I won’t worry about you at all.

Anonymous 2 months ago

One hundred percent agreed!!