Which workout style is best for you as per your zodiac sign?

We all need to do some kind of exercises to stay fit and healthy. But it becomes confusing to select the right workout style. So, we can choose it based on our zodiac personality traits. Find out how.
Which workout style is best for you as per your zodiac sign?Which workout style is best for you as per your zodiac sign?
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We know how important it is to do regular workouts to stay fit. And when it comes to talking about the workout, there are several options like gym, swimming, yoga, dance, weight lifting and others. They all have their own health benefits. But everyone should get busy in some kind of exercise to stay active.


But often we get confused to select the right type of exercise for our health. So, why don’t you opt for one based on your zodiac sign? It can help you to select the workout type which is the perfect fit for you according to your zodiac personality traits. Read on to know more. 


Workout type based on your sun signs. 


Aries- Competitive athletics

You are passionate and highly competitive. So, you should definitely opt for competitive athletics. You are highly energetic and born to compete with others. So, this kind of workout suits your personality perfectly. 


Taurus- Weight lifting

You are a strong person but lazy at the same time. So, high intensity or aerobics makes you tired and sweaty. So, weight training is the best option for you. Because you want to focus on something repetitive. That is calming to you. So, weight lifting is perfect for you to stay fit. 


Gemini- Yoga

These people tend to get nervous and anxious in a small amount. So, they need something that will calm and relax their mind. Geminis need to focus on core strength and flexibility. So, yoga is best for you because it will give you mental peace. 


Cancer- Swimming

When you are in or around water, then it makes you happy the most. So, swimming is your workout to stay active and healthy. You can also indulge in your imaginations while swimming. This will relax and rejuvenate you. 



HIIT is a kind of workout that doesn’t allow you to take rest until you are too exhausted to do it. So, Leos are perfect for doing HIIT. It makes you sweaty and you like that. It makes you feel great. So, this will be a perfect exercise for you as you will be busy sweating.


Virgo- Barre workout

Virgos are the perfectionists of all zodiac signs. They like to repeat things until they seem to be perfect. So, barre workouts are for them. Because it is based on repetition and focuses on form and technique. So, you can keep doing them without getting tired. 


Libra- Dance

Librans are sophisticated persons who like beautiful things and persons. So, sweaty gym machines and exercises are not for them. They would like to dance in a studio where they will be surrounded by mirrors and great music. So, Zumba is a great option for them. 


Scorpio- Boxing

Scorpions are all about power, domination and confidence. They often like to indulge in rivalry, competition and anger. So, it is needless to say that boxing is perfect for your fitness. You can show your power, dominance and anger in this exercise. 


Sagittarius- Rock climbing

You are social, adventurous and love to explore. So, rock climbing is the best fit for you. You can socialize and be adventurous with others in this. And rock climbing is a great workout to stay fit. 


Capricorn- Running

You like to save money and hate compromising with your work. So, running is just for you. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on it. You can do this anytime without hampering your work. And you can also compete against yourself in it. So, start running. 


Aquarius- Team sports

You are a great team player who is friendly with others. So, any kind of team sport is best for you to stay fit and healthy. This will also help you to socialise with others. It will increase your physical self-awareness.


Pisces- Synchronized swimming

You are highly an imaginative person and like to be around water. So, swimming is the best workout for you. But you also like to create patterns in the water while working out and do everything as a team. So, synchronised swimming is the right choice for you. You will enjoy doing this while creating different patterns in the water. Because you need a workout that is fun.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Im a Sagittarius but there's literally no where for me to rock climb ans I dont even like it anyways I stick to swimming

Anonymous 2 months ago

It's got me perfect. A Taurean and I'm lazy to exercise but hands down I love the free weight room. I could squat and bench everyday

Anonymous 2 months ago

Born 12 September. Streching, all day.

Anonymous 2 months ago

According to this running is the exercise for me. As I have always disliked running,finding it awkward and difficult I wont bother.

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