Which zodiac sign is the most savage of all according to astrology?

Out of all astrological signs, there are some signs that rise above the rest when it comes to being a savage. Click on to know if you are a badass based on your zodiac sign.
People,zodiac signs,Savage Signs,Fierce SignsWhich zodiac sign is the most savage of all according to astrology?
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Are you a savage or take things as they come? If you’re savage, you don’t care what others think and will do what you deem is perfect for you. You live to the fullest no matter what the situation. You are not afraid of doing the worst if need be. While everyone is capable of these things, some people are just savage. They don’t follow suit and they know how to put forth their point. 

Well, astrology might indicate who is more likely to be savage than chill. Believe it or not, stars and planets affect the way you act and deal with your emotions. Find out if your zodiac sign is calm or collected, or someone who doesn’t shy away from embracing your savage nature. Let’s find out which category do you fall in based on your zodiac sign. 

Here are the zodiac signs from most to least savage, according to astrology. 


No surprises here! The mysterious Scorpio is the most savage of them all. Don’t piss off a Scorpio because they will not stay quiet. Scorpios choose to take no holds barred approach to deal with people if they hurt them. So you may want to stay in the good books of a Scorpio. 


Taurus is a very calm sign but they can be possessive and stubborn. So, what makes you a savage is your stubbornness helps you choose a way and forge ahead no matter what others say or do. 


Aries are known to be assertive. They do what they want to do, no matter what people say. They make their own rules and don’t follow in anybody’s footsteps. In fact, they choose the road less travelled even is they have no problems with the original. If you try to tell them what to do, their savage horns will take you down.


Savage is your middle name. Extremely clever, Virgos are always on the lookout. They use their wit to make the other person’s head spin. If someone tries to outwit them, they take them down nice and slow. 


Even though they are one of the most emotional signs out there, but they can total savage if they get hurt. When they feel threatened by someone, they can become extremely nasty and may say and do things they regret later on. 


They have a fierce comeback to those trying to put them down with negativity. They destroy others in the most creative way possible. Their savageness does not come from an emotional place, but a cerebral one. When they go savage, they go hard with no safe place in between. 


They can’t stand unfair criticism, whether it's directed to them or people they know. When this happens, they come back with the response that the other person won’t even realize what hit them.


There is hardly ever a fight where Capricorn don’t get the last word. Expect loathsome insults in case you get on the wrong side of this sign. Their words are stronger than guns and bullets. 


Geminis are extremely witty and know how to handle a situation. They take their time before criticizing the person trying to put them down. Once they are done with someone, they are done. So, don’t go running back to a Gemini unless you want to deal with their savageness. 


As a Sagittarius, they are super chill with pretty much everything in life. They don’t like drama in life and have no patience with people who try to create it. So, if you are trying to bring some drama then know in advance, they will cut off shortly. 


Libras are a blend of sassy and sweet, but they tend to be more of a people pleaser than actually going all out with their attitude. However, they turn into a complete savage in case someone tries to take advantage of them. 


Pisces live in their world and there is no space for other people in their dream world. Come hell or high water they will continue living in that world they create for themselves without caring what others may or may not think. 

Anonymous 6 hours ago

Taurus ain't no punk and we don't play no games.

Anonymous 7 hours ago

Scorpio That's me

Anonymous 1 day ago

About cancer..............yeah thats me

Anonymous 2 days ago


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