Why holding grudges is harmful for your health and how to let it go?

Updated on Jul 31, 2020 01:05 PM IST  |  509.1K
Why holding grudges is harmful for your health and how to let it go?
Why holding grudges is harmful for your health and how to let it go?

We often hear people saying that our mind has a great impact on our body. If we are not alright emotionally, then it tends to reflect physically. Well, this is absolutely right when it comes to talking about holding grudges to yourself. We may need to face conflict and confrontations in our life that will give us negative experiences. Hence, people often can hold grudges on themselves about that unpleasant incident.

But holding grudges is extremely bad for our health. According to research, people who tend to hold grudges, are more likely to have heart diseases, week immune system and metabolism. This happens because our physical well-being is highly impacted by our emotional well-being.

Why grudges are bad for us?

Grudges keep replaying the negative feelings in your mind that make you angry and sad as well. This can also prevent you from enjoying your life leaving all negativity behind. You cannot start a new journey by forgetting all those bad memories because grudges are all the time working at the back of your mind. If you tend to hold grudges regularly, then you will always end up having unhealthy relationships with people.

How to stop holding grudges?

You can practice these things to remove all your grudges from the mind:

1-  Don’t consider yourself as a victim. Rather have the potentiality to feel the pain and move on eventually. You are not the victim. Getting hurt and having conflicts are normal part of our life.

2-  Try to communicate with the person to know the reason. He or she might have hurt you unintentionally.

3-  When emotions are involved, we cannot see the truth. So, when you are analysing the situation, keep your emotional part aside and think rationally

4-  Act with kindness. Don’t be aggressive while talking to that person. Sweet words and gestures can fix things up

5-  If someone did something to hurt you intentionally, then it’s always better to let them go because that particular relationship is not giving you positive energy.

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