Why you should NOT obsess over measuring your weight?

Are you on the weighing scale every morning? Here’s how to stop obsessing over every inch you’ve lost.
Why you should NOT obsess over measuring your weight?Why you should NOT obsess over measuring your weight?
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Starting a weight loss plan and sticking to it can be one of the most difficult decisions for many health freaks. It is only natural then to compulsively obsess over how many pounds they lose in an hour or be up on the weighing scale twice or thrice in a day.

So, how often do you weigh yourself? If you’re addicted to checking your weight every now and then, you may be in some trouble. After all, measuring small changes is quite pointless. It’s only when you concentrate on losing weight and measure it after a long time that it counts. So, it is important to stop wrapping so much of your identity into what the scale tells you.

The National Weight Control Registry found out that people who have lost weight had one thing in common that they weighed themselves daily. However, just because they do it, doesn’t automatically make it a good idea. Moreover, it also affects your mental thinking abilities and increases your addiction to knowing every ounce you’ve lost instead of concentrating on losing them.

In fact, for different body types, different weights work out. Instead of focusing on the number, it’s better to see whether or not you’re in shape and feel healthy.

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