THIS is why your zodiac sign FAILS to save money

Saving money is an art and depending on your zodiac personality, you are bound to spend on things that you think are worthy. So, here’s why your zodiac sign fails to save money

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THIS is why your zodiac sign FAILS to save money
THIS is why your zodiac sign FAILS to save money

No matter how much we try and deny it, money is an important part of our lives which is why each of us has their financial strength and weaknesses. While doing so, there are signs who spend more and there are signs who are a little more thoughtful about their finances. However, each one of us has a positive trait and at least one negative trait when it comes to spending. This affects your saving which is why here we have the trait that creates an issue when it comes to saving capital.


Aries is a hunter by heart which is why their gather and eat mentality takes a toll when it comes to their savings. They believe in living in the moment which is why when it comes to money, they’d rather spend it on making memories than let it stay locked away in a bank. 


Well, this isn’t a secret - you really like to treat yourself. Now, this can get you in trouble when you end up going to the spa when stressful times hit. You will buy something on sale just because it’s cheap (even if you do not need it). They know the value of things which is why they do not like anything less than high-luxury.


For you money is paper and it grows on trees. You do not value money so much in order to save it. You lead a comfortable life which is why steady jobs bore you and you’d rather splurge a little more than you can. 


You like to think of the future and secure all the assets. While doing that, you spend on things that you think you’ll ‘need later’. This creates a problem when your ‘got this covered’ attitude lands you in financial trouble. 


Leo, you have a nice heart which is a curse when it comes to your finances. Your big heart always lands you in trouble because you usually spend on people and things which does not directly benefit you. You spend to impress and let’s be real, this is doing nothing except just stroking your ego for good. 


Virgo, you’re a perfectionist which is why you won’t settle for anything less than perfect. If it were up to you, you’d even wear luxury underwears. Your search for quality than quantity does land you in financial trouble at times. 



For you to settle for anything less than the best is too tacky. Your same mentality is for people around you which is why you have the best of the crowd and you want to be the best amongst them. You’d choose a great house to live in than keeping your money locked up in the back. 


You’re pretty intense and dedicated towards things you like. You tend to invest a lot in your hobbies and passion and then end up regretting it when you do not have enough time to pursue it. 


Sagi, you wanderer. You’d rather wander off making memories than sit at home counting your assets. For you money is like peanuts, you’d rather spend it on making memories and travelling places. Travelling for you is an asset which is why everything that you earn has to be saved up for wandering than any special funds.


Capricorn, you are often good with money. But, you sometimes confuse yourself between needs and wants which is what lands you in trouble when it comes to your savings. 


Aquarius, you love being financially independent. This means that you have full control over how much you spend and how much to save. But, sometimes you take advantage of this fact and over-spend. You’d chose for a luxury resort for your holiday instead of a bed and breakfast just because you want to. 



Pisces, you have a good heart which is a warning sign for your savings. You help people by stepping out of your boundaries which is a good thing but, not the very best for your financial stability.

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