Women’s Day 2021: 4 Ways to celebrate this day with your girl gang

Updated on Mar 08, 2021 06:59 PM IST  |  220.5K
Women’s Day 2021: 4 Ways to celebrate this day with your girl gang

Women’s day is just one day away and what better way to spend this day than dedicate it to your girlfriends and have a blast with them!  It is a day to celebrate womanhood and make every woman feel empowered. 

So skip the drama and the stress for a day and spend this day chilling with your girl gang by indulging in fun activities. From shopping to going to a fancy restaurant, we have for you the perfect ways to celebrate this Women’s day with the most important women in your life!

Have a Lunch Date

Are you and your besties hardcore food lovers? Then going on a lunch date with them to a fancy restaurant and pampering your tastebuds is probably the best way for you to celebrate this day.

Go on an All Girl’s Trip

There are many offbeat and fun places where you can go with your girl besties and spend the day exploring the place and its famous haunts. 


Yes, of course, how can we not include “shopping” in the perfect ways to spend women’s day? If just like Rebecca Bloomwood from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, you and your girl gang too feel that “when you shop the world gets better”, then this is the ideal way for you to celebrate this day!

Have a Girl’s Night In

What better way than to dance away to glory and indulge in some “girl talk” in the comfort of your home? So, celebrate women’s day by having a girl’s night in and spending some quality time with your girl besties!

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